My Farewell Letter To All B/R Writers

The One You FearCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

Well as you could see I haven't written a lot of articles in past two weeks—I think.

In the past week or two I haven't gotten any good ideas to written something about, so I asked myself if I don't get any ideas in week or two, what's the point of being a writer, right?

I came to decision to stop writing for B/R and just come once or twice a week on and check out what other writers write about wrestling (my favorite) and other sports that I like—such as soccer or basketball.

I will comment on some articles rate them and maybe (if i like it) pick as my favorite. You have to do good job to earn it. I am sure everyone here in B/R is good, but not good at the same time, if you know what i mean.

I have to thank AkD, (numero uno) Joe Burgett, Sam B, and others for giving me some ideas, rating and reading my articles, and giving their opinions (comments) about my articles.

So farewell B/R! Remember that I will be checking on you once a while—especially the people that I know.



Paul Andriuskevicius