Will Team Hell No Remain Together into 2013?

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2012

Will Team Hell No Remain Together into 2013?

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    Team Hell No has become quite the tag team.

    They’ve held the tag team titles for two months, defeating Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. They’re taking on all comers and are showing no signs of slowing down. Well, almost.

    Kane and Daniel Bryan are still a powder keg seemingly waiting to turn on each other. Last night's Survivor Series proved they still have trouble co-existing. Yet each time they tease a turn, they pull together and win their matches.

    Will this team remain together going into 2013? Recent history says “Hell No.”

Anger Management

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    They started feuding with each other at SummerSlam, which saw Bryan defeating Kane.

    This led to brilliant anger management skits with brilliant comedy. The short skits displayed both men’s comedy talents and enhanced their characters. They even hugged in the middle of the ring thanks to the fans voting.

    Anger management culminated in their tag team title victory. If it hadn’t been for those skits, Team Hell No would ever have been formed.


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    The chemistry of Kane and Daniel Bryan works for this team, but it won’t last.

    They still want to one-up each other, even though it’s been two months, even though they’re tag team champions. Despite their success, their formula won’t last.

    History has shown a tag team in turmoil doesn’t last. Take “The Rock and Sock Connection.” Rock’s character never fit as a tag team partner despite becoming champions with Mankind. They barely lasted as a team for three months, coincidentally the same current time span of Kane and Bryan.

    Their success is based off their powder keg nature and their desire to one-up each other. Lasting through 2013 could be a huge problem for the tag team champions.

Inclusion of the Miz

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    Last week saw the Miz turn face and team with Kane. Both men were victorious much to the dismay of Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan was jealous of Kane taming with someone else. It was quite a welcome change from their usual bickering.

    However, The Miz could add a new layer to Team Hell No’s dynamic. Miz and Bryan have history dating back to the inaugural NXT. They feuded for the U.S. Title, with Bryan defeating Miz. Their in-ring chemistry works, and it could play a factor in the tag team’s future.

    That jealousy of Bryan could build and get him back as a heel, while both Kane and Miz would remain as faces. It could also work both ways: a double-switch and having both men turn.

    A new wrestler can add a new layer to Team Hell No. Putting The Miz in the picture could finally break up Kane and Bryan, whether intentional or not.

Formidable Division

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    Let’s not forget the formidable and rejuvenated tag team division.

    Many tag teams have formed in the past two, such as The Usos. However, the recent tag team division entered their booming period with many legitimate contenders.

    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara bring speed and high-flying skills in the division. So do Primo and Epico (former tag team champions) and the Thrill-Seekers (Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd).

    Rhodes Scholars and the Primetime Players provide that much-needed tough heel team for the division. They’ve been thorns in the tag team division.

    Let’s not forget Zack Ryder and Santino Marella forming “CoBro” and the 3MB (3-Man Band) of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. While both teams are mostly comedy, they can still be a threat to the tag team champions. 

    With a division like this, Kane and Daniel Bryan won’t last. We will no longer hear them argue which one is the tag team champions. They will implode before 2013 arrives and lose the tag team titles. It’s only a matter of time before one of their enemies takes the titles from them.