WWE Survivor Series 2012: Why Tonight Is Dolph Ziggler's Time to Shine

Molly SquiresContributor IIINovember 18, 2012

I predicted in a previous article that Team Foley will prove victorious tonight at Survivor Series.

I also believe that it's Dolph Ziggler’s night to elevate his status and prove his worth, not only to his elimination tag team, but to the entire WWE Universe. 

Since taking over as leader of the group, Ziggler has already exemplified excellent leadership qualities, as his mic skills have greatly improved and he is also a great in-ring performer, despite his loss on SmackDown this past Friday.

Ziggler accomplished a huge feat when he won the blue briefcase, and has since toted it around and even used it against opponents during matches to physically and metaphorically establish his worth as a WWE Superstar.

However, in recent months, Ziggler’s stock has considerably dropped, and at the moment, he is mainly involved in defending Vickie Guerrero during the AJ and John Cena scandal.

Therefore, tonight is Ziggler’s moment to stand out among his teammates, rise to the occasion and claim a personal success in the event tonight. Ziggler deserves recognition as an individual wrestler, apart from being Vickie Guerrero’s client and ultimate defender, and Survivor Series 2012 is exactly the platform he needs to accomplish this.

As most can recall, earlier this year Ziggler was in line to fight CM Punk for the WWE Championship, but for some reason faded away from the title picture without any explanation. After he won his Money in the Bank briefcase, every event thereafter has looked to be the right time to finally cash it in and win the title he rightfully deserves.

However, this has not been the case, and viewers are still left to wonder when he will in fact cash in his blue briefcase. He even stated he was going to cash it in at Hell in a Cell last month, and we awaited this anxiously, but he still failed to do so.

I do not believe tonight is that night, either.

Instead, I think that Ziggler will have the opportunity tonight to be the stand-out performer in the elimination tag team match and prove that he is above the Vickie Guerrero love-story angle, which in any event has certainly run its course.

With Vickie’s obligation to eradicate the clearly romantic aspects of their relationship in wake of the current Cena and AJ scandal, Ziggler is given a rare opportunity to break away from her and elevate his status on his own, by his own merit.

Most of the WWE Universe would agree that Ziggler should not have to stand behind Guerrero anymore to make an impact in the ring.

Although it was Vickie Guerrero who got Dolph Ziggler named team captain, it's Ziggler that needs to produce for his team, as Vickie will most likely not be at ringside for her client, interfering as usual.

Will this lead to their splitting up? Highly doubtful, since he realizes that a lot of his success has come from all the strings Vickie has managed to pull for her beloved show-off.  

However, I predict that Ziggler's personal success tonight may allow him to realize his true potential as a natural leader who has been overshadowed by his manager for far too long.