WWE Survivor Series 2012: Why Team Ziggler Should Win, but Will Not

Molly SquiresContributor IIINovember 18, 2012

This past Friday’s Smackdown left audiences with the image of Randy Orton RKOing the Miz, perpetuating the idea that the superstars on Team Foley cannot possibly work together to win their Survivor Series match. 

It is this type of personality conflict that makes the Survivor Series Elimination Tag Teams so unique and interesting every year. However, with the potential downfall of Team Foley being quite obvious, it has been pretty much ignored that Team Ziggler has much bigger personality clashes.

The viewers know that almost every Superstar on Team Ziggler is in need of a push, and all of them have made it clear in their individual storylines that they believe that it is deserved as well. Therefore, while Team Ziggler would benefit the most from a win at Survivor Series, it is Team Foley that will come out victorious tonight since all of the hype behind their self destruction leads me to believe that they will ultimately turn it around and work together to defeat their collective enemy.

Looking at every member of the impressive Team Ziggler, it is imperative that they forgo their personal feuds tonight and look towards the bigger picture in order to beat Team Foley.

This would appear to be an easier task for Team Ziggler, as their big personalities do not necessarily translate into physical conflict within the group, as Randy Orton and the Miz proved true for the opposing team.

Each member of Team Ziggler has a bigger task ahead of them beyond Survivor Series to elevate their statuses, as each superstar on this team is currently struggling with neglectful storylines.

Rhodes and Sandow reached the top of the tag-team chain fast with Rhodes Scholars, but it seems as if the tag team build up has been fading as of late with the lackluster push of Heath Slater’s Three Man Band.

Barrett’s return was highly anticipated by many, but his matches continue to be fodder for a bigger feud between superstars as most of his matches are interrupted if he is not fighting lesser-known superstars. Del Rio is now completely lost in the shuffle as his feud with Sheamus finally ran its course and his while matches with Randy Orton are good, they have not managed to develop into anything other than filler matches. Ziggler, who seemingly has the most potential to be pushed right now, is still slowly breaking out from the tutelage of Vickie Guerrero, but yet still seems to be fighting her battles during the A.J. and John Cena scandal storyline.

I believe that the big personalities of Team Ziggler will be the downfall in this elimination tag team match, as Ziggler, Barrett and Del Rio have made it very clear that they are at their best when they fight solo. 

I omitted Rhodes and Sandow from that group because they are a tag team, who manages to work very well together so far. Their ability to establish a fighting style that works beyond their singles matches is admirable since they both were very vocal in championing their careers individually. Unfortunately, I believe that since they are outnumbered, the other members of their team will not learn those skills in time. 

This, along with the fact that every member of Team Ziggler has been dedicating all of their time to elevate their own status at the expense of others also leads me to understand that they will not focus on the group’s success as much as their own individual victories, which will greatly affect the outcome of this match.

Team Foley, on the other hand, has Daniel Bryan and Kane, who have proven to be able to work together despite their extreme differences. Kofi Kingston does not appear to have enough malice in him to work against his own teammates.

This leaves the only the Miz and Randy Orton, whose clashing is viewed as the self-destruction of this eclectic group of superstars. However, as much as they do not get along, Randy Orton knows it is in his best interest to work together to defeat Del Rio since he is likely continue to this feud after Survivor Series. The Miz has always been the wildcard on this team, but I don’t believe it will result in a loss for Team Foley; in fact, it will most likely result in him getting the pin at the end.

So while Team Ziggler is in good standing to be victorious, do not be surprised to hear the Miz’s theme music at the end of the match.