Arizona Draws Mid-March Inspiration From President Obama

aujewContributor IMarch 18, 2009

I must say that watching our President fill his bracket out on ESPN was intriguing. I don't think Bush, or any other president for that matter, would make us question our bracket differences more than Mr. Obama.

The President started by saying that VCU would beat UCLA, but not advance past Villanova. This was fair. I have VCU beating 'Nova and eventually losing their rematch with Duke, but then again, I am a VCU student and Eric Maynor fan.

The talk of VCU was the highlight for me for the next few minutes while Obama filled his bracket out. Then he got to Arizona. He had them out in the first round. 

I was a little worried.

I have Arizona making a small run in my bracket. If Obama is so certain, then maybe we should all reconsider. He went on to add that their reputation was the seal on the at-large bid they received.

Staring at my bracket contemplating, I realized what just happened. Obama had challenged Arizona. On top of it, he had attacked the programs' prestige and level of play. What better motivation! I slammed my laptop closed. No changes, thank you!

Even if Arizona makes a small run, they can still turn to Obama and say, “I told you so Mr. President.”

I hope McCain didn’t take it personally.