Rutgers Football: Scarlet Knights Headed in Right Direction with Big Ten Rumors

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Rutgers Football: Scarlet Knights Headed in Right Direction with Big Ten Rumors
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The Rutgers football program is obviously headed in the right direction as they continue pursuit of joining the Big Ten conference.

According to Chip Patterson of CBS Sports, both Rutgers and Maryland are in serious talks with the Big Ten about adding another chapter to the never-ending saga of conference realignment.

This move is a very easy one for the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers has slowly moved up in football prowess in their current conference, the Big East, and have shown that they can succeed anywhere they go.

The Big East isn't exactly supreme when it comes to college football. In fact, they've receded incredibly in the past few seasons and have even been counted out as an automatic BCS qualifier in the new format set to take effect in the coming seasons.

For programs who put football at a premium over basketball, it's become imminent that the Big East simply isn't the place to be. The earlier that Rutgers can exit, the better.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While the Big Ten isn't exactly hyped as the nation's premier conference, it certainly is in the top tier and with teams such as Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State and Nebraska, there'll never be a time when football isn't a focal point of the B1G.

Teams with their focal points in football, such as West Virginia and TCU, have already left the Big East for greener pastures and were able to negotiate an exit strategy with the struggling conference. 

Rutgers may not be the best team in the Big East year in and year out, but they've proven in 2012 that they are the cream of the crop this season. That makes this year the perfect time to gain some notoriety and convince a conference like the Big Ten that they're worthy of being added.

The geographical standpoint doesn't hurt, either. While Rutgers is in New Jersey, Big East country, they're still in great proximity to many Big Ten teams and would fit right in.

The Rutgers athletic program is headed in the right direction with on-field performances, and a possible move to the Big Ten would only solidify that fact.

Steven is a Breaking News Team writer for Bleacher Report

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