Los Angeles Lakers Sign Ira Newble for Ten Days

Lyndon CrackelContributor IOctober 14, 2016

Mitch Kupchak is getting smart by signing these player for ten days which gives them a chance to prove that they are worth keeping. 

I like Ira Newble, who is a small forward with 4.2 points and 2.7 rebounds per game. Newble has been reported to be good on defense and is athletic. 

I hope the Lakers keep him. With Ariza and Newble they will have a couple of nice small forwards that will keep this team well rounded. In addition, with DJ Mbenga now with the Lakers and the potential for all their players to be back healthy before the playoffs, the Lakers are finally beginning to look like a championship team. 

For those out there that are not familiar with Mbenga, you should google his name and read his life story. He was the son of an official in the government of Congo. With the arrival of the revolution both him and his father were arrested. His father was reported as dead and was appearantly executed. DJ was hours away from being executed when his brother bribed a guard and whisked him out of the country—where he was discovered and employed to play in Euro league basketball. 

After two years, DJ was drafted by Dallas Mavericks. This year, he was traded to Golden State Warriors, who waived him.  I personally believe with some work and teaching, Ira Newble, Trevor Ariza, and DJ Mbenga could become very good players.