Les Miles Press Conference: Watch LSU Head Coach's Epic, Uncensored Presser

Alex KayCorrespondent INovember 18, 2012

Les Miles, the fiery head coach of the LSU Tigers, decided to go on an epic rant following his team’s victory over the Ole Miss Rebels.

Prior to the question-and-answer portion of his postgame press conference, Miles prefaced the discussion with a tangent that ranged from a heartfelt, emotional speech on how there has never been a flop to take the field for his team, to his seniors who just played their last game at home, to kissing players on the mouth (“if you’re a girl!”), followed by plain elation concerning the 41-35 win over the Rebels.

Miles, also known as the Mad Hatter, certainly proved that he possesses the eccentricity and maniacal persona worthy of that nickname. He’s undoubtedly a successful coach, with a 111-41 record overall as head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys and LSU (a program he has brought a national championship to), but he’s also somewhat insane.

From his head-scratching gambles, or “decisions,” on the sidelines of the Tigers games, to his infinitely re-watchable press conferences, Miles certainly seems to have a screw or two loose up in that noggin of his.

This latest unprovoked rant to the gathered media is perhaps the best way to sum up the 59-year-old coach in 113 seconds or less. He shows off his fierce loyalties and unwavering passion, but also an unstable, immature and humorous side.

By all accounts Miles is a great guy, and this press conference further proves that he will stick up for his players and also make them laugh. He’s a large reason why the Tigers are consistently near the top of the college football polls and a contender for the BCS National Championship.

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