Why Serena Williams Should Be No. 1

Madhusudan G Rao@madhugrContributor IIINovember 19, 2012

Why Serena Williams Should Be No. 1

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    If there was an alien watching the women's tour from the month of June, it would be surprised at the rankings released by the WTA Tour after the Year-ending tournament.

    Serena Williams is ranked third while the first two slots are occupied by Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova!

    This definitely does not make sense in the mind of many fans of the WTA Tour!

    I am not sure about you, but I feel that the rankings need an overhaul to ensure that the right person gets the recognition of the best player on tour.

    There are many reasons why Serena should have been at the pinnacle—let us see why!

Dominant Performance

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    Serena's dominant performance throughout the year should be an indicator of her supremacy in the WTA Tour.

    Serena had a record of 58 wins out of 62 matches played in the year.

    If that was not enough, what was?

Perfect Health

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    Serena was impacted by injuries in the year initially, but things changed very quickly later on.

    Serena had the perfect health to show her opponents what she is capable of.

    Along with her mental resolve, her physical health was instrumental in keeping her opponents at bay.

Support Team

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    In order to maintain her record throughout the year, Serena needed a good support staff.

    What she got was one that helped her maintain the blend of mental and physical supremacy.

    The best supporting cast that was present on the WTA Tour!


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    Serena did not play singles alone!

    Along with Venus, Serena won the Olympics gold as well as the title at Wimbledon!

    As a pair, they lost only one match in the three tournaments they entered in 2012 (US Open Round of 16).

    One of the leading doubles players of all-time, the Williams dropped just two matches en-route  to their victories at Wimbledon (both tournaments included).

Record Against Sharapova

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    Maria Sharapova is ranked No.2 in the world thanks to her consistent showing on the Tour.

    Against Serena, Maria played three matches and lost all (winning only 12 games in the three matches)!

    Overall, the head-to-head stands at 10-2 in favour of Serena (the last win coming in 2004)!

Record Against Azarenka

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    Azarenka is the No.1 ranked player in the world, but how good is she against Serena?

    5-0 for Serena against Victoria in 2012 with only one set lost by Williams in all matches.

    Overall, the record is 11-1 in favour of Serena—doesn't this say how good Serena has been?


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    Serena came to the Wimbledon with a steely determination to win the title once again.

    Though her form was not great, Serena had the will-power to defeat her opponents.

    Winning the tournament made her so happy that one saw her jumping with joy after the final, literally!

Olympics Gold

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    At the 2012 London Olympics, Serena Williams won the gold (not just one but another with her sister Venus in the doubles)!

    Serena dropped 17 games in her 6 matches at the Olympics—an average of 3 games per match!

    If this was not dominating, what else is?


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    In the year-ending WTA Championship at Istanbul, Serena was once again steam-rolling her opponents throughout.

    Serena defeated the seeds ranked 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 in the tournament without dropping a set at all. 

    Only Li Na managed to pull her to a tie-break in Istanbul whereas the others were far away.

US Open

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    Serena dropped her only set of the tournament in the US Open final against Victoria Azarenka.

    Her winning run included three bagels (winning sets with a score of 6-0).

    It was indeed a surprise that she dropped a set in the final, such a dominating performance it was throughout the tournament!