Florida Gators Football: Could the 2007 BCS Championship Happen Again?

James WalkerAnalyst IINovember 18, 2012

Florida Gators Football: Could the 2007 BCS Championship Happen Again?

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    Let's take a trip back in time; it was six years ago when second-year head coach Urban Meyer was leading his Florida Gators up the BCS polls. Ohio State, now led by then-Gators head coach Meyer, was undefeated and the No. 1 team the entire season—a year which ended with the Buckeyes defeating their most hated rival, the Michigan Wolverines. This guaranteed the Buckeyes' place in the BCS title game.

    The question remaining was who they would end up facing in the championship game.

    The Florida Gators would win the SEC championship game in Atlanta by defeating the Arkansas Razorbacks. USC would go on to defeat Notre Dame and then lose to in-city rival UCLA. 

    Then the BCS computers and polls came into play. The computers had Michigan and Florida tied, but the voters had Florida just slightly higher than Michigan, which propelled the Gators into the national championship game against the Buckeyes in Glendale, Arizona.

    Controversy was at its best as Michigan and the Big Ten screamed foul at the top of their lungs.

    When it was all said and done, the heavily favored Ohio State Buckeyes were slapped around all night on both offense and defense as the Gators went on to win 41-14, which shocked the college football world.

    Now it's 2012, and the final weeks of the season are becoming quite intriguing. With Alabama losing last week to Texas A&M, and No. 1 Oregon and No. 2 Kansas State losing this week, the Florida Gators are now staring down a long tunnel with a flickering light of hope at the end.

    Many things must happen, and frankly, some of those are long shots. That being said, a few more games must be played, and when it is all said and done the Florida Gators may find themselves again in the BCS title game.

    Let's take a look at what must happen for the Gators to make it into the championship game.

The Florida Gators Must Defeat Florida State in Tallahassee

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    The Florida State Seminoles, currently ranked No. 10, are coming off a victory against Maryland 41-14, and find themselves in the upcoming ACC championship game. But first, they have an annual matter to deal with prior to that game.

    The Florida Gators are arriving in Tallahassee to do battle on Nov. 24, 2012.

    To say this is a heated rivalry would be an understatement. Will Muschamp and Jimbo Fisher might be friends and own real estate together, but they know what's at stake if they lose this game.

    Coach Muschamp has done a great job in his second year at Florida, whereas Coach Fisher is starting to get the reputation of coming up short when it counts.

    Honestly, the Gators have struggled on offense all season, and their defense has kept them in games long enough to eke out victories in the second half. The Seminoles lost to an unranked NC State Wolfpack team earlier in the year, and not unlike the Gators they have an outstanding defense and questionable offense.

    Surely, the game will be low scoring and won with defense and special teams. Turnovers are always key, and in this type of game the one with the most turnovers usually wins. The Seminoles definitely have the home-field advantage, but when these two teams come together as of late, it doesn't really matter where they play.

    Have your favorite beverage in plentiful supply and snacks on hand; this is going to be a great game.

Gator Nation Must Become Fans of the Rambling Wreck

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    The last week of the regular season in college football ends mostly with in-state rivalries, and the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game is no exception.

    Let's face it: The Bulldogs are going to be heavily favored in this game, and it will be played in Athens, Georgia. However, when it comes to rivalry games you never know what can happen.

    No offense, Bulldogs fans, but coach Mark Richt has been known to let the big game slip through his fingers, and with a showdown with Alabama in Atlanta one week later for the SEC championship game on the minds of every Georgia fan, coach and player, they may just overlook a Yellow Jacket team that is ready to make their season by defeating their most hated foe.

    Gator Nation, you better hope and pray that Georgia Tech pulls this one out. If Georgia were to lose, it would limp into Atlanta with two losses, which in turn would seriously deflate the importance of that game in the BCS picture. 

    I don't want to spoil the next slide for the readers, but let's just say if Georgia Tech wins this game, then the Gators would pull a complete role reversal the next week.

The SEC Championship Game: Is It Possible for Gator Fans to Root for Georgia?

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    Gator Nation will have to sit home and watch the SEC championship game on television, unless, of course, they choose to buy tickets and see it in person. That being said, if the Gators defeat FSU, and Georgia Tech beats Georgia, then every Gator in the world will become Bulldogs fans for at least four hours.

    That's about as long as any Gator fan could stomach.

    With a Georgia defeat of Alabama, both teams would have two losses and surely fall below Florida in the BCS poll. That would leave the Gators, most likely, to face Notre Dame in the BCS title game.

    Or, is there another scenario?

    Yes, there is.

Notre Dame vs. USC: Can Lane Kiffin Actually Help the Florida Gators?

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    Think about this possibility: Notre Dame falls to the Trojans next week. Coach Lane Kiffin is feeling a warm seat after losing to their in-city rival UCLA yesterday, so to salvage any credibility in the Pac-12 or Los Angeles, let alone with AD Pat Haden, do you think he may want to put his best game plan forward against the Fighting Irish?

    Let's say the Trojans win and Notre Dame falls. With all other aforementioned scenarios falling into place, that would catapult—wait for it—Florida and Alabama into the BCS title game.

The BCS Title Game: Florida Gators vs. Notre Dame or Alabama

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    Regardless if the Gators face Alabama or Notre Dame, all that matters to Gator Nation is that Florida returns to the national spotlight in college football.

    Urban Meyer did it in his second season at Florida, why can't Will Muschamp?

    Yes, the chances are slim, but that's why these teams take the field—to play the game, and anything can happen on any given game day.

    The season is coming to an end, and in exciting fashion. Gator Nation knows that several dominoes must fall for the Gators to make it, but hope is a good thing, don't you think?