St Pierre vs Condit: Anderson Silva Must Be Next Step for GSP

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IINovember 18, 2012

Nov 16, 2012; Montreal, QC, Canada;  Georges St-Pierre during the weigh-in for UFC 154 at New City Gas.  Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE

Georges St-Pierre defeated Carlos Condit to retain the welterweight title at UFC 154, and now a superfight with Anderson Silva is the only way forward for the champion.

Now that St-Pierre has once again proved that he is healthy, he must take on his most talented and accomplished competitor. There is no question about who that fighter is.

Silva is coming off victories over Chael Sonnen and Stephen Bonnar that affirmed his dominance. Silva has defended his middleweight title 10 times and won 16 consecutive UFC fights—both of which are records.

UFC has staked its reputation on putting the best fighters in the Octagon with one another, and St-Pierre must fight Silva to live up to this standard. 

Before blowing out his knee, St-Pierre was one of the most impressive fighters in the sport. He had won nine straight fights heading into his bout and his takedown skills were unequaled by any fighter. 

But tearing his ACL put all that in jeopardy, and St-Pierre had plenty to prove in his bout with Condit. Whether fans and future opponents were looking for mental or physical weaknesses due to GSP’s injury and absence, there were few signs that the champion was not at full strength.

Now that St-Pierre has his title back and has tested his knee against a quality opponent like Condit, he should be regarded as the uniquely talented fighter that he clearly still is. This is why Silva is interested in fighting him.

The Brazilian was in Montreal for UFC 154, and he said the following before the fight, via ESPN’s Franklin McNeil

My first goal is the Georges St-Pierre fight, the superfight. And the second goal, maybe Jon Jones. I don't know.

This is not my decision. This is Dana White's decision.

St-Pierre was understandably weary after his fight with Condit, and he refused to commit to any future plans. Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole quoted him saying after the fight, “I need to take some vacation and think about it.”

This is a reasonable response from a man who just went five full rounds in a UFC fight. But after he is rested and has recovered, hopefully he will see that Silva is clearly the best option for him going forward.

Silva notes that the decision is ultimately up to White, but with two of the most talented and popular fighters saying they want to face each other, it is not difficult to predict what the UFC boss will do. 

The next step forward in St-Pierre's career must be a public statement declaring his desire to take on Silva.