What's Next for Carlos Condit?

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After UFC 154, Georges St-Pierre called Carlos Condit his toughest fight in the Octagon. It was a nice sentiment from a nice guy, but Condit hung his head for a reason—he knows it isn't close to being the truth. 

Besides some tricky grappling exchanges and a scary moment in the third round when he clocked St-Pierre with a left high kick, Condit had little to offer the long-time champion. He was beaten to the punch standing and decimated on the ground, where St-Pierre used short elbows to open an ugly cut and kept the pressure on high throughout the fight's 25 minutes.

So, what's next for Condit?

Booking the next fight for a man who's just lost a title bout is tricky business. You don't want to push him right in there against a fighter on a solid winning streak, potentially derailing another challenger. But it's also imperative that he fight someone worthy of his talent.

That makes Nick Diaz the perfect opponent for Condit. The two squared of at UFC 143 in February in a bout that left a bad taste in many fans' mouths. Condit fought a very strategic bout, one that Diaz and many of his fans called a cowardly performance.

There's definitely no love lost there and a Diaz rematch would be a great chance for Condit to get back in the hunt without stepping in the path of a rising star like Johnny Hendricks. Now Diaz and Condit are both coming off losses. Let them meet in the middle, duke it out and settle the score once and for all in a high-profile bout.

Disagree? Have a different idea for Condit? Let us know in the comments.

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