UFC 154 Results: Close Win over Condit Proves GSP Can't Beat Anderson Silva

McKinley NobleCorrespondent INovember 18, 2012

If Carlos Condit did this to Georges St. Pierre, Silva will eat GSP alive. (Photo Credit: MMA Fighting)
If Carlos Condit did this to Georges St. Pierre, Silva will eat GSP alive. (Photo Credit: MMA Fighting)

Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit could very well supplant Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua as the best five-round fight in UFC history.

It was an amazing fight that proved GSP is the greatest welterweight ever.

It also proved he can't handle Anderson Silva, even on his best day.

Condit is an amazing fighter, but he was outstruck on the feet and dominated in the clinch over 25 long, grueling minutes. Even with the scare Condit gave GSP with a pinpoint high kick in the third round, he simply lacked the finesse, instinct and reflexes to finish the fight.

"The Spider" won't waste such an opportunity if he ever faces "Rush" in the Octagon.

If Silva catches GSP with a crippling shot like the one that Condit dealt, it'll either end the fight in one shot or simply signal the beginning of the end.

Silva doesn't waste chances. When he has an opponent hurt, he finds the cracks in their defense and opens them up with punishing knees, elbows and submissions.

That's something St-Pierre won't be able to recover from, especially when you factor in the damage he took while grinding Condit into the mat.

Condit never gave up, peppering GSP with elbows, slaps and submission attempts from guard. He arguably did far more damage from his back than St-Pierre did from the top, a huge achievement from the man getting put on his back.

Every single one of those things the "Killer" can do, Silva does far better.

Once GSP takes Silva down, he'll be eating sharper elbows from the bottom. He'll be fending off submissions from a vastly superior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He'll be in trouble every second he's in Silva's guard, surrounded by those huge limbs.

If St. Pierre got so badly cut up and beaten while dominating Condit, he'll be doomed against Silva.

GSP was smart to avoid saying he'll fight Silva. After all, he's barely a level above Condit.

Silva, on the other hand, is on a level beyond everyone else. 

"Rush" proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can handle just about any welterweight fighter in the UFC, even with more than 18 months of ring rust. Everyone else should also recognize that he has no business fighting the best middleweight (and part-time light heavyweight) in MMA history.

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