Eight Tips To Consider Before You Fill Out Your Bracket

Mr. ThunderContributor IMarch 18, 2009

Okay basketball fans. Before you fill out your official bracket to keep track of, I would like to leave with you with a few things to think about as you make your picks for the office pool in the morning.

1. Do not whatsoever take a No. 16 seed to beat No. 1 seed. Why? Quite simply it has never happened before and frankly may never happen.

2. Take Texas all the way to at least to the Sweet 16. Why? Texas has been up and down all season but, if A.J. Abrams and Dexter Pittman come to play there is no telling how far this team can go, even to the point of upsetting Duke because of their strong inside presence.

3. Don't overlook the Arizona Wildcats. Why? Well, there are two strong reasons to pick this team: They are a No. 12 seed and, as far back as I can remember, a No. 12 has always beaten a No. 5.

4. Don't count on Connecticut. Why? Well, the answer lies on the sidelines. No, not with coach Calhoun but rather with the injured foot of Andre Dyson. This team is lucky to even have a No. 1 seed.

5. Picking Syracuse would not be a bad idea. Why? They are a team that has played well in tournaments recently, most notably winning the 2003 National Championship in 2003. Be careful though if you meet up with them in the dance because you might have to work overtime.

6. Fear the Turtle! Why? Well, this team is hard to nail down. One minute they'll play the game of their life, the next they might forget to catch the bus mentally and get trounced. However, I like what Revis Vasquez brings to this team. Watch out for this team!

7. "Where the wind comes right behind the rain..." What a great lyric to define the Oklahoma Sooners. They are incredible at times and dreadful at times. Blake Griffin always shows up but, if no one else does they will be staring at exit signs fairly early.

8. Can't go wrong with the Jayhawks. Yes, the Kansas Jayhawks are a young team, but they still managed to the Big 12 regular season crown. Oh, did I mention they are coached by Bill Self? And I almost forgot they already have "One Shining Moment" as the reigning National Champions!

Good luck with your brackets!