WWE Outside the Ring: Could Fashion Be a Success for the WWE?

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIINovember 20, 2012

The past few years the WWE has proven that it wants to be much more than a professional wrestling company, and it's done that. For some of us it's good, and for other people it's bad, but that's the truth when you look at the WWE today. It's not like it was in the Attitude Era, and there are some good and bad things that go along with that.

Now, I've been one to look at the WWE and get that Vince has high expectations for his creation. Among other things, I've called for a separation of the promotion and the corporation. Knowing that's not going to happen, I think I've found a fun way the WWE can use its wrestling promotion side to really help an outside project, and that outside project is fashion.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

WWE trying to market fashion to the audience will only detract from the wrestling, but much in the way the typical merch is marketed to the audience (the T-shirts, hats, etc.) WWE can take a new route with it's merch.

We all know that every top WWE star (and even a few mid-carders) have their own shirt and a lot of them are actually pretty good.

Still, there's one thing I've always wondered about the WWE, and it has to do with one thing I've always enjoyed: the entrance gear. I honestly think it could be the next big thing to assist WWE in becoming an even more enjoyable show for the fans watching in attendance.

Entrance gear.

Now, I know you may be a bit skeptical at the thought, but really think about it. When Jericho made his return this year and came sporting a light-up jacket, how many of us thought, "man...that looks cool"? How many of you also thought it would be pretty cool to get a jacket like that of your own?

My answer to both those questions would be...a lot, and not just from Jericho.

Daniel Bryan has had his fair share of jackets over his time in the WWE. He's gone with various combinations of red, black, and white and usually looks pretty cool wearing them (My personal favorite was the black and dark red variation worn late 2011).

Superstars such as Cody Rhodes, The Undertaker, and The Miz have all been seen wearing jackets, robes, and coats that look quite fashionable. The minds of the Superstars also play a part in many of their ring attires, so who's to say they have to simply create copies of the Superstars ring gear?

Perhaps Cody Rhodes could design a special limited edition variation of his current entrance robe, jerkin, vest, or whatever he may be wearing at the time, available for a PPV or other special event.

Anyway, it's just a thought.

Personally, I find WWE creates plenty of useless merchandise (bibs, phone covers, scarves, etc.), and I think it would be pretty cool to see them come out with some other merch that we can wear besides the hats and T-Shirts we see all the time. Why not a jacket? Starting from Fall (maybe August) and ending Spring (maybe sometime in March), WWE would be able to sell the jackets when they'll actually be used.

WWE is always looking to make more money. Honestly, this can't be a worse idea than WWE Studios (Although that's not saying much).