1 Team Each BCS Bowl Wants Most

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent INovember 19, 2012

1 Team Each BCS Bowl Wants Most

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    Bowl games are not all created equal.

    Obviously, the BCS bowl games are the cream of the crop, but even among that elite group, a few of the bowls have a little more cachet than the others.

    And yet, every bowl game, and more specifically, the bowl committees, want to see a great matchup involving at least one program that can pull in fans.

    This list runs down the BCS games and which team each game would most like to have as a part of it.

    Each bowl has some sort of conference affiliation, so those parameters had to be followed. Other than those guidelines, however, each game is listed here with the team that would be the first choice to take the field.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma

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    It is a long shot, but if Oklahoma can win out—and Kansas State loses to Texas—the Sooners win the Big 12 and find themselves in the Fiesta Bowl.

    K-State's horrible loss to Baylor knocked it out of national title contention, and the Wildcats must get back up and prepare to take on Texas in their season finale.

    While Kansas State fans seemed to be extremely supportive during the Wildcats' run this season, there are only two programs in the conference that are top ten nationally in fan support—Oklahoma and Texas.

    Texas is out of the running for the conference title, but with a win over the Wildcats and two wins by OU, we would see the Sooners and Longhorns at one and two in the conference and all would be right with the world.

    The Fiesta Bowl folks have to know that Oklahoma has a fanbase that is spread all over the country and would be rabid about buying Sooner Fiesta Bowl gear.

    On top of that, the casual fan will tune in to watch Oklahoma; K-State maybe not so much.

Rose Bowl: Ohio State

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    It's looking as if Oregon might not even make the Rose Bowl this season, after dominating everyone in the way until the buzz-saw known as Stanford.

    All the Cardinal have to do to go to the Pac-12 title game is beat UCLA next week.

    The Rose Bowl hosted Oregon last season, so having another representative from the Pac-12 visit can't be all bad.

    But Ohio State is the team the Rose Bowl really wants.

    The Buckeyes have a huge following and are the only undefeated team in either the Pac-12 or the Big 10.

    As it stands, Wisconsin, with four losses, has a shot at making the Rose Bowl, and it was there last season.

    Michigan and Nebraska are the most likely candidates to represent the Legends division in the title game, and neither of them would be a bad option. However, they will each have at least two losses heading into the bowl game if they make it that far.

    The Buckeyes are banned from the postseason, so the Rose Bowl is out of luck, but if it were possible, Urban Meyer's squad would be first choice.

Orange Bowl: Florida State

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    Florida State has not played in a BCS game since the epic triple-overtime loss to Penn State in the 2006 Orange Bowl.

    This program has a rich tradition, loads of talent and plenty of support.

    Even though the Orange Bowl is not exactly in the Seminoles' back yard, an opportunity to host FSU in the state is too good to pass up.

    FSU has already clinched a spot in the ACC title game, and a win puts it in the Orange Bowl.

    Next season, the Bowl committee may want to see a different team, given the Bowl's new affiliations.

    But for this season, the Seminoles appear to be the best option.

Sugar Bowl: LSU

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    The top of the BCS rankings are going to be a mess after the losses suffered by Kansas State and Oregon.

    One SEC team is going to wind up in this game out of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU.

    Given the game is in New Orleans, and the Tigers are also located inside the state, hosting the Tigers would be great for the bowl game and the state.

    Les Miles is always good for some drama and usually a laugh or two, and the prospect of hosting a top-10 team from inside the state should have this bowl committee salivating.

    It's a long shot, as the Tigers have to hope for Alabama to lose between now and the end of the season and also hope they can hop the Tide in the BCS standings.

    It would take several things happening the right way for LSU to make this game, but crazier things have happened already this season.

BCS Title Game: Notre Dame

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    That's right, the Irish are back.

    And there is no fanbase more loyal, passionate or dedicated.

    That's just one reason why this game would want the Irish.

    Imagine for a second the matchup that is staring us in the face with Alabama and Notre Dame.

    That's bound to be a ratings bonanza with huge amounts of cash thrown around, as well as an epic meeting between two stout defenses and two of the most storied programs in the history of college football.

    If not that, what about a rematch of the 1980 game between Georgia and Notre Dame?

    Another jackpot.

    No matter who the opponent might be, if Notre Dame beats USC next week, the BCS title game will have the one team it most wants to see on the field: the Fighting Irish.