WWE Survivor Series 2012: How Pro Wrestling Fans Can Win Big on Sunday Night

Jamie West@jamielogue94Analyst IIINovember 17, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: How Pro Wrestling Fans Can Win Big on Sunday Night

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    While it would seem relatively pointless to bet money on individual professional wrestling matches due to the poor odds that are often given, it would seem that placing even a small amount of money on an accumulator could be a fun way to essentially get your monthly pay-per-view experience for free.

    The following slides will show possible accumulator combinations that could be used tomorrow night should you fancy adding a bit of extra drama to this year's Survivor Series.

    All odds are taken from Skybet and were correct at the time of this writing. An explanation of British betting odds is given here.

CM Punk, Big Show, Cesaro, Eve and Team Foley

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    This option is arguably the best to take should you be considering placing a bet on this weekend's big-four event. It combines likely winners with a surprisingly wallet-pleasing return.

    • CM Punk 2/7
    • Big Show 8/11
    • Eve 8/11
    • Cesaro 1/5
    • Team Foley 1/2

    It is surprising that such good odds are being offered for Big Show. He only won the title three weeks ago at Hell In A Cell. This makes his retention likely, although not certain.

    Should $10 be placed on the above selections, a return of $69 is what the punter is looking at with Skybet.

John Cena, Big Show, Cesaro, Eve and Team Ziggler

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    The bookmakers certainly appear confident that CM Punk will retain the title on Sunday. However, as recently observed, John Cena should not be overlooked this weekend.

    While many expect Punk to face The Rock at the Royal Rumble with Cena going on to challenge "The Great One" at WrestleMania 29, it is still plausible that Creative will switch this formula in order to prevent having the same Mania main event as last year. Priced generously at 4/1, John Cena winning could make your accumulator victory all the more sweet without being too outlandish.

    Add Team Ziggler, which Skybet believes will have less of a chance than their baby-faced counterparts, into the equation and a decent amount of money could be earned.

    • John Cena 4/1
    • Big Show 8/11
    • Cesaro 1/5
    • Eve 8/11
    • Team Ziggler 6/4

    Remarkably, a $10 stake would return a whopping $447.52. For somebody looking to take a slight risk, this option could mean almost a full year of pay-per-view events. And in my book, this selection would not be out of the question come Sunday night.

Ryback, R-Truth, Sheamus, Kaitlyn and Team Ziggler

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    Wondering what the highest possible return is from a $10 bet on the match outcomes at the Survivor Series?

    Should you decide to go crazy and place money on this, the least likely option, you're looking at a lot of money. Unfortunately, it probably is not advisable, as the chances of this happening are very low indeed, as the return suggests.

    Then again, McMahon isn't getting any younger.

    • Ryback 6/1
    • R-Truth 100/30
    • Sheamus 1/1
    • Kaitlyn 1/1
    • Team Ziggler 6/4

     A $10 stake would return $3033.33

A Word of Warning

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    Finally, a quick word of warning. Because professional wrestling is a scripted sport, it is not quite the same as betting on competitive action. You're placing your hard-earned money into the hands of a creative department that seems to be hell-bent on U-turns at the present time.

    Moreover, remember that a DQ finish could completely ruin your accumulator. For instance, Sheamus could win by disqualification if Big Show heelishly uses a dirty tactic to remain World Heavyweight Champion.

    Having seen the odds and possible accumulators, will you be placing a wager this weekend?

    Perhaps you feel that betting on a scripted sport should not actually be allowed?

    Whatever your view, I am interested to discuss this topic with you in the comments section below.