WWE Survivor Series 2012: Breaking Down WWE Title Match

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

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It’s already time for the 2012 edition of WWE’s Survivor Series, and there is no bigger topic of discussion than the triple threat main event for the WWE Title between defending champion CM Punk, Ryback and John Cena.

With so much on the line at one of the WWE’s four biggest pay-per-views, this is setting up to be one of the best main events of 2012.

Let's break it down.


Why Each Star Needs This Win


It’s only been a few months since Ryback reemerged as a dominant prospect, and it’s only been a month since the muscle-bound star was elevated to the main-event scene. If Ryback won the WWE title at Survivor Series, it will be one of the fastest ascensions in WWE history.

As much as the people backstage would love to get Ryback over now, there is a much bigger storyline at work behind the scenes, and Ryback won’t win the title.

That doesn’t mean he loses, though.

With the company trying to build Ryback as an upper-echelon star, there is no better way to let him look strong than by dominating both Punk and Cena in the triple threat match.

As long as Cena takes the pin from Punk via a dirty move while keeping Ryback from breaking it up, the muscular star can look strong and Punk can retain.


CM Punk

With Punk being so close to the epic title runs of some of the best in wrestling history—Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Cena—the WWE would help the current champion look strong now by retaining the title and would solidify him as one of the faces of the company going forward.

Despite winning the title and holding it for over a year, the continued run towards an inevitable meeting with The Rock at Royal Rumble is building Punk as the WWE’s top heel and a star on the same level as Cena in terms of marketability.

While there is little question that even if Punk loses Sunday he will still look like an amazing champion, the fact that the company would force him to drop the strap before facing The Rock would show a lack of confidence in the champion.

After all Punk has done over the last year, the WWE can’t screw this up and let him lose the belt.


John Cena

After his feud with CM Punk in 2011, John Cena has bounced around the WWE feuding with the top stars in the company, but hasn’t stuck with anything for a long period of time.

While a win at Survivor Series would be a chance at redemption, Cena will not walk away with the WWE title Sunday. As a matter of fact, Cena will be the star that takes the pinfall and is forced out of the title scene for an extended amount of time.

The WWE wants Cena to look strong so he will be his normal superman self during the match, but to continue to build of Ryback and to further the Punk versus The Rock angle, Cena has to take the pin.

It’s not all bad news for Cena, though; as he’ll likely face The Rock at WrestleMania 29 for the WWE Title.


Prediction: CM Punk Retains WWE Title

After a match that should feature both Ryback and Cena dominating Punk, then ultimately battling each other, Punk will wait until Ryback destroys Cena with his finisher before tossing him out of the ring and collecting the win.

While many will question another Cena loss, it will force the star away from the title for a few months will giving Ryback the chance to continue to look strong. Even if Cena does take this loss at Survivor Series, will we really think any less of him?

As for Ryback, the chance to be in a WWE Title match and gain the main event experience and rub will be enough for the company to build off going forward. As long as Ryback doesn’t take the pin, he can walk away without the title and still look strong.

There are bigger plans for Punk.

With The Rock returning at Royal Rumble and looking for a match with the champion, the WWE has set the perfect stage for the ultimate way to get Punk over as a heel; let him fight a legend like The Rock.

Too bad Punk will drop the title at the Rumble.


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