NCAA Tournament Odds Breakdown for ACC Teams

ctsports picksAnalyst IMarch 18, 2009

The second best conference of all this season in college basketball has been the ACC. With three teams reaching No. 1 ranking during the year, many think this conference will bring the NCAA Championship team back to the ACC.

With seven teams receiving bids to enter the NCAA tournament, they tie for the most teams in the tournament with both Big East and Big Ten.

Let's breakdown the odds for all the ACC teams and see if we can find value in betting on future NCAA Championship teams!

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North Carolina (3-1): What can you say the odds on an all-year favorite to win the NCAA Championship and all year have played very well in a tough conference? This is the third year in a row that UNC has been the favorite going into the NCAA Tournament and has not yet lived up to those expectations.

Roy Williams definitely has a monkey on his back with not a great reputation of winning the big games and losing as favorite more than five times now. No value at 3-1 future odds and no way they are worth betting on.


Duke (15-1): The second seed in the regular season in the ACC and the winner of the ACC Tournament has earned Duke a solid No. 2 seed. Hard to argue with Coach K's overall NCAA Tournament record, but the last few years have not done well, what with losing before the sweet 16 twice in the last two years.

Late season change at PG has made Duke much better offensively and defensively, and at 15-1, has great value. Matched-up very well with teams in their bracket, I would not be surprised to see them make a typical deep Duke tournament run.


Wake Forest (20-1): A couple of late season losses cost this team at least one. and maybe two, seed spots, but in doing so, created great value at 20-1. Really, like Jeff Teague, is a player that could carry this team all the way to the final four.

This might be the second most athletic team behind UNC, and if they hit outside shots, could be a sleeper to win it all. Keep an eye on this team, as if it gets to the sweet 16, it can beat any team in the country!


Florida State (50-1): Most explosive scorer in all of basketball Tony Douglas could carry this young team. Great value, but not sure one player can carry a team to win it all. But don't count this team out of a second or third round upset. No championship this year for the Seminoles!


Clemson (60-1): Another great start for this team, but as always, it has problems sustaining the early season successes. This team could cause havoc for all teams with their constant full court pressure and could definitely make a run, as they have all the talent needed to put together multiple wins.

A second-round matchup will be the most difficult, style-wise for them, but if they get past that, they could win their bracket. This team would not be a favorite for Craig but a small wager is interesting at 60-1.


Boston College (100-1): No way this team can win it all, it might as well be 1000-1!! This is an early team to watch with a match-up with Michigan State in the second round. Could upset, but I think Sweet 16 is as far as they could make it.


Maryland (200-1): Same as BC; could be an upsetter early, but just no way they can win six games in a row. First round win would be huge success for this young team!

ACC has had a disappointing, ending to the season with both Wake Forest and UNC losing late. Duke and Wake Forest both look to have value and have the athletic talent needed to win it all.

I think UNC has great talent but in very few years does the favorite actually win it and think this year they fall short again!!


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