Is David Wright a Hero Or Just Lucky to Get A Piece of A Dirt-Ball?

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 18, 2009

Some people consider David Wright a hero for his walk-off right-field blooper last night against Puerto Rico in the WBC. I understand why some may praise him, but am surprised that no one is critical of the pitch he decided to swing on.

What the hell are you doing swinging at a pitch down and outside when the count can go to 3-1? It was an awful decision by Wright to swing at such a poor pitch.

With the bases juiced, if the Mets' third baseman takes Ball Three, the chance of walking in a run for the tie looks promising. Instead, he took a cut at a ball in the dirt and lucked out.

Sure, Wright looks like a hero, because he caught some open turf in right field to drive in Jimmy Rollins and Brian Roberts, but it was a boneheaded decision. In that situation, you have got to hold back on that pitch and play it somewhat safe, trying to get a walk for the tie.

As a result of Wright’s poor decision, Team USA is still alive and regained some pride after being shellacked by the same ball club a couple days prior. They face off against Venezuela tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Don’t be shocked if the same brainless decision at the plate expels the U.S. from the tournament.

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