Chris Wells Autograph Pics From 3-15-09 in Findlay, Ohio

HD Handshoe - IMarch 18, 2009

I met Beanie Wells yesterday and I gave him one of the two 8x10's that I had made to keep for himself. I was able to get a few pics plus the scan of my 8x10 he signed for me.

AJ Trapasso and Brian Hartline were also there. Todd Boeckman was there last week when the event had been originally scheduled, so I missed him but here are a few images from the signing!

I really wanted to ask Beanie if he'd be interested in doing an interview for the site, but there were several hundred fans in attendance and he was pretty busy signing as you might imagine.

In other news, I do have more interviews lined up with several of the guys that will play for the 2009 version of your Ohio State Buckeyes!

Stay tuned!