GSP vs. Condit Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterNovember 17, 2012

GSP vs. Condit Results: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    This is important. At UFC 154 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit and lineal belt-holder Georges St-Pierre determine whose claim to the title should be, for the first time or once again, undisputed.

    You may have heard that St-Pierre was out for 19 months after surgery to repair his torn anterior cruciate ligament. This is his first fight back. You may have heard that while St-Pierre was out, Condit defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in a close but clear decision that handed him the interim title.

    This article provides a round-by-round analysis of the fight. Just follow the slides. 

Round 1

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    Amid deafening cheers and chants for GSP, the fight begins. St-Pierre lands first, a left jab. Condit lands a knee. 

    GSP shoots and lands a takedown at the 3:15 mark. Condit immediately pulls guard and hunts for an armbar, but nothing doing. St-Pierre passes into half guard and attacks from the top. He is looking to loosen the guard with a can opener though it's not successful; he's still keeping a good pace and staying busy.

    With a minute left, Condit continues to look for a submission but it's not working. GSP is controlling the action and landing blows from inside Condit's guard and cuts Condit's forehead with an elbow. That's the way the round ends and Condit is bleeding.

    Score: 10-9 St-Pierre. 

Round 2

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    Condit had a cut just under his hairline addressed in between rounds. Doesn't seem to be bleeding profusely for now. Condit throws his patented punch-kick combo but it doesn't land.

    Standup exchange with neither man landing, until GSP connects with a right hand. Condit's bleeding again. A stiff left jab from GSP at the 3:15 mark that seems to wake up Condit. He's landing knees and kicks though nothing crazy. Condit whiffs on a spinning backfist.

    Big takedown from GSP at the 2:10 mark. St-Pierre immediately passes Condit's guard and goes right for that cut. Condit's bleeding like a stuck pig. The doc may take a look after the round.

    Strike chart on the screen shows 47 to 25 significant strikes landed for GSP. He's still working from inside the guard and Condit's blood is everywhere. It's pooling on the canvas. Condit trying desperately to get something going from the bottom. At the very end of the round he pops up but too late.

    Score: 10-9 St-Pierre.

Round 3

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    Condit lands huge head kick at 4:30 and St-Pierre hits the mat and in trouble!

    Condit is hammering him from the top and GSP is fighting to survive. GSP has pulled guard and Condit is landing big elbows to his face. GSP staggers up at 3:40 mark. 

    Both men are bloody and swollen. This is an incredible fight. Big right hand and then a slam from St-Pierre! He's on top of Condit now against the fence with 3:00 left. The pace slows now finally. Condit is attacking GSP from the bottom and going for a body triangle. GSP mushes him against the fence and looks to land elbows from the top. 

    Condit gets back to his feet and they're clinching. Now they're back down again. Looks like a hematoma on GSP's face, to the side of his right eye. Round ends with GSP in half guard.

    Score: 10-9 Condit

Round 4

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    They trade kicks and punches, and with 4:24 GSP gets Condit back to the ground and gets into side control. Both men look very tired. That's understandable.

    Condit is landing nice shots from the bottom. GSP returns fire. They're just battering each other with GSP on top. Condit fishes for a leg or an arm or a triangle. GSP defends it well.

    They stand up at the 1:30 mark, but Condit reverses a takedown and gets on top for a moment. But just a moment. GSP gets back on top. The mat looks like someone sprayed a box of cheap red wine all over it.

    Score: 10-9 St-Pierre

Round 5

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    Between rounds, Condit's corner says "you gotta knock him out, Carlos." GSP's says "five minutes til you're the world champion."

    This has been a terrific fight. Fight of the Night, easy.

    They begin with a standing exchange. They are both marked up pretty good. St-Pierre lands a combo of a hook and then a demonic leg kick that knocks Condit back. Condit wings a spinning back kick but it doesn't land solidly.

    At 3:48, GSP lands another takedown, and that makes six. Condit pops up this time but is met with a straight right from St-Pierre. Condit answers with a strong right and then a left. Condit's trying hard to attack now. GSP looks just a bit fresher. He lands a left jab and then hits another takedown.

    Two minutes left in the fight now. The action slows as GSP sits in half guard. I'm exhausted just watching this thing. GSP landing a little more from the top. Condit gives up his back and GSP pounces. Condit rolls out of it but GSP stays on top. He lands a right elbow on Condit. Twenty seconds left.

    Condit again pouring blood. What a fight. GSP finishes with a big elbow.

    Score: 10-9 St-Pierre


    Official decision: 49-46, 50-45, 50-45, unanimous decision, Georges St-Pierre