5 Reasons Philadelphia 76ers Fans Already Love and Hate Nick Young

Michael FoglianoAnalyst INovember 17, 2012

5 Reasons Philadelphia 76ers Fans Already Love and Hate Nick Young

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    When the Philadelphia 76ers acquired Nick Young this offseason, fans were excited to embrace the new premier shooter. But like with all shooters, fans can also develop frustration. 

    You could love him one night and hate him the next. It really all depends on whether or not he is in his groove. Thus, we reside with a love-hate relationship with Young as fans.

    This happens to be the case with a good number of shooters in the league today, but Young makes a convincing case for both sides.

    Fans' feelings could change by the game, but in the end it is unpredictable where the feelings will lie. Wherever you stand at the moment, here is how and why this love-hate relationship exists.

The Swag

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    This is not a debatable point. Nick Young has swag. 

    Joking aside, Young is a very marketable player. He is the quick, explosive scorer who can nail threes, and his personality appeals to the fans. This serves for both on and off the court; his style of dress, his hairstyle, etc.

    It may sound a little ridiculous at first, but these types of things make the fans like him from the start. This helps build his personality that the fans can relate to.

    After all, his Twitter name isn't NickSwagyPYoung for nothing.


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    Young was brought to Philadelphia to bring a consistent scoring spark off the bench. This is an expectation that has yet to be met and has, therefore, caused some hate.

    Through the first nine games this season, Young has recorded double-digit points just four times, once being higher than 12. It is a disappointment, to say the least.

    Plus, it's not like he does not have the time to develop a groove. The man is receiving about 25 minutes per game.

    An evident example of his inconsistency is the first five games of this month. In the first three games of the month, Young shot an atrocious seven-of-32 (22 percent). However, in his next two games he shot 11-of-17, a spectacular field goal percentage of 65 percent.

    Shooters goes through their streaks, but Young must focus on producing on a more consistent basis.

He's Kind of a Ball Hog

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    Alright, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that someone was open when this play happened.

    In reality no shooter is expected to be a distributor or spread the ball around, because the shooters are the ones the real distributors seek to give the ball to. However, Young takes it to the extreme where he simply will not give up the ball.

    He has a natural instinct, or want, to score. This is OK to a point, but it seems as though Young has surpassed the limit. In fact, Young has exceeded one assist in a game only twice this season (two against the Pistons and four against the Bucks). This has given him an average of 1.1 assists per game.

    The excuse of "he's a shooter" does not hold anymore. If you take a look at J.R. Smith, another premier shooter in the Eastern Conference who is not known for passing, he averages three assists per game. Obviously nothing spectacular here, but it shows that he flows with the offense. Young, on the other hand, disrupts the flow of the offense and even the growth of certain players. 

    Considering Philadelphia fans are used to a team that likes to spread the ball around and is filled with players who complement one another, it makes it even harder for the fans to tolerate.


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    Despite the frustration that Young brings to the table, he still has the ability to be very explosive. Think of it like when he finds his groove. You cannot stop him when he does.

    This explosiveness was exemplified this season against the Toronto Raptors about a week ago. Although Young came out sluggish in the fourth quarter, he managed to score 11 points in the second quarter in just roughly three minutes of play.

    He went on to finish the game with 16 points overall, but had he continued with his streak, it would have been even more remarkable and loved by the fans. Nonetheless, fans know he has the capability and it is comforting for them.

    Being a very animate player, the fans love when Young becomes explosive.

Shot Selection

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    A big source of frustration from the fans is Young's shot selection.

    Similar to the way Lou Williams evoked frustration from fans, Young will randomly pull up from three-point range regardless of where the defense or offense resides.

    Now, it is hard to complain about a shooter who doesn't stop shooting, because technically that is what they are paid to do. Nevertheless, it frustrates fans to see him toss up a deep three with a hand in his face instead of looking for an open man.

    This poor shot selection has caused him to be an inefficient player. Young is shooting roughly 32 percent from the field and a poor 28 percent from three-point range.

    The fans know that the Sixers must take advantage of every offensive possession because they lack offensive talent (with Andrew Bynum hurt) compared to a lot of teams. Throwing away possessions with lousy shots provides the fans a valid reason to dislike Young.