Who Are the Leroy Butler-Type Impact Players, Past, Present, and Future?

andy pechContributor IMarch 18, 2009

Leroy Butler was great against the run, could cover and make the big interception, and on top of all that, he could really rush the passer.

I think it can be argued this type of safety can have as much impact on a defense as a quarterback can have on an offense. Butler did so many things well that he influenced more than one aspect of what an offense could do against the Packers.

So here is my question, and this is really just for fun: Who is the greatest multi-dimensional defensive threat to play the game? Please, don't include kick returning or playing offense, as I am curious more about defensive impact on a game.

Let's add another question. This one's a prediction: Who is the Leroy Butler in this year's draft?