Joba Chamberlain, Back to His Old Ways in the Bullpen

Fred BrownCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2008

The New York Yankees have been trying to see how well Joba Chamberlain would fit in a starting rotaion job. It hasn't worked out as well as the Yankees would have hoped. Though, all is not lost, HE'S Back In The Bullpen!

Chamberlain has had quite a few problems. After the first few weeks he had an ERA of 6.14. He had been toying with a curve ball and a change-up to go with his amazing fastball and slider. His new additions to his arsenal of weapons didn't come off too bad, but could use some work.

The Yankees have decided to put Chamberlain back in the bullpen to start the season, setting up Rivera. Hoping that the transition back to the set-up man would go without a hitch, he would pitch against the Toranto Blue Jays. 

With 11 pitches, the Yankees can breathe a little easier.

With 11 pitches, it was three up, three down. In his bullpen debut, he was able to strike out all three batters with almost ease.

"It felt great," Chamberlain said. "Just getting going, it's like riding a bike. It didn't take me very long to get going. My arm actually warmed up quicker than I thought it would. Being able to take my time, I tried to make it as realistic as I could."

Finally getting to see him play this pre-season, he looked better then he did last year. He felt more comfortable attacking the zone instead of saving up for the next inning. I feel confident that Chamberlain would make a great starting pitcher and finally giving the Yankees their true ace to match Red Sox's ace, Beckett.