John Cena Speaks out About Facing Ryback at Survivor Series

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John Cena Speaks out About Facing Ryback at Survivor Series
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Believe it or not, former WWE Champion John Cena is managing to look past all the AJ Lee/Vickie Guerrero affair nonsense going on in his life and place his main focus back on regaining his beloved championship this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Per the angle, Cena will take on current WWE champion CM Punk and monster babyface Ryback in a triple-threat match at the show, a match Vince McMahon made two weeks ago on Raw.

The bout marks Ryback's second foray into the Raw main event scene (he took on CM Punk three weeks ago at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and was on the verge of winning until corrupt referee Brad Maddox screwed him out of the title), as well as his first match against John Cena

The Cena/Ryback dynamic is a deeply intriguing one: Cena has, of course, been vocal in his support of the star in the past (last month, he even turned cheerleader for a period, lavishing the former Nexus member with heavy praise, telling the fans to cheer for him, and encouraging him to defeat Punk at Hell in the Cell).

However, with the two set to clash over the World title at Survivor Series, things have, unsurprisingly, gotten a lot more frosty between them.

Notably, on last Monday's Raw, the two babyfaces had a tense tug of war over the WWE Championship in what was one of the best endings to WWE's flagship show in a long time.

Continuing the storyline, Cena even discussed his trepidation about facing Ryback on his official Twitter account yesterday:

Trying to figure out how in the hell to even approach Ryback this Sunday. will be quite interesting.

Heading into the pay-per-view, it will be fascinating to see how WWE handles Cena/Ryback. Can the company come up with an ending that will allow both men to look strong? Or is it time for Cena, one of the company's biggest names ever, to step aside and put over the rising star?

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