UFC 154 Results: Grades for All Main Card Fighters

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

UFC 154 Results: Grades for All Main Card Fighters

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    UFC 154 is in the books.

    It shall be remembered as the night that Georges St-Pierre made his successful return to the Octagon with a unanimous decision win over Carlos Condit. It wasn't the best performance of St-Pierre's career but it may have been the most exciting since GSP began his reign as champion. 

    Carlos Condit pushed the champion and forced him to fight the full 25 minutes. Both fighters showed the wear and tear of the absolutely vicious battle when the score cards were announced. 

    In the co-main event, Johny Hendricks put Martin Kampmann to sleep with a devastating left hand. It should earn him a welterweight title shot but the division may be on hold while GSP prepares for a rumored bout with Anderson Silva

    With the night over, let's go ahead and grade the performances of all main card fighters. 

Mark Hominick: D+

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    I don't know what's happened to Mark Hominick. He looked good in his loss to Jose Aldo. Since that L, he's just never been the same. Maybe I just underestimated how much of an impact Shawn Tompkins had on his career. 

    That's neither here nor there.

    Tonight Hominick had a shot to bounce back against Pablo Garza. Unfortunately, he came up incredibly short. Garza dominated him on the ground and opened up massive cuts all over Hominick's face. 

    There was a lot of frustration as Hominick continually rolled for an omoplata, a move that has a very low success rate in MMA. If he's given another shot in the Octagon, Hominick needs to make serious adjustments in his training. 

    But, between you and me? I think that Hominick's best days are behind him. 

Pablo Garza: B+

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    I always figured Garza to be a one-trick pony. He's really good on the ground but every other aspect of his game always left something to be desired. 

    Tonight he showed that he's made massive improvements in his stand up as he peppered Hominick from range. Those kicks were truly impressive as he was able to get some serious snap. 

    I'm not sure how big of a win this was in hindsight. Hominick's obviously a shell of the fighter he was just a year ago. But it's a nice win nonetheless. 

Mark Bocek: D

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    What was Mark Bocek doing? His BJJ credentials are constantly discussed and it's expected that he'll get every opponent to the mat before working them over for the entire fight. 

    Tonight he was completely outclassed by Rafael Dos Anjos. 

    Bocek was unable to get the fight to the mat and then was totally out struck on the feet. What made it worse is that Dos Anjos never seemed to fade while Bocek was clearly exhausted in the third. 

    He needs a rebound fight. I just don't know who it could possibly be against. 

Rafael Dos Anjos: A

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    Rafael Dos Anjos succeeded where Mark Bocek failed. 

    He hit takedown after takedown and controlled the fight on the mat. He punished Bocek with knees to the body and fists to the head. 

    But most impressive was that he was able to go the full 15 without fading. His conditioning was on a whole different level and he put on the best performance of his UFC career. 

    If this is what fans can come to expect whenever Dos Anjos enters the cage, then the lightweight division is officially on notice. 

Tom Lawlor: D+

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    What a terrible fight. Seriously, that was so boring to watch. I get that Joe Rogan has to defend the action but it really was a terrible fight. 

    I thought that Lawlor did enough to win but really, even if the judges gave him the decision, I couldn't really feel like he was a winner. 

    I love his antics and that he's an entertainer but I think this is the last time we've seen Tom Lawlor in the Octagon. 

Francis Carmont: D+

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    Honestly, this was a total stinker of a fight and neither fight deserved to win. 

    You know who also thought that? Dana White. He said that both fighters lost. 

    Carmont won, but the performance was totally lackluster and it's back to the drawing board. 

Martin Kampmann: F

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    When you get knocked out in under a minute, there's not much to actually grade. 

    This was the first time that Kampmann was truly been put to sleep in the UFC and right now I think he's still trying to figure out where exactly he is in Montreal. 

    Hopefully he's not too concussed and can return to action sooner rather than later. The welterweight division is wide open. 

Johny Hendricks: A+

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    You know what probably sucks? Getting punched in the face by Johny Hendricks. 

    Seriously, he lamp'd Martin Kampmann in under a minute with that vicious left hand of his. I'm pretty sure that Kampmann is still trying to relearn shapes and colors at this very moment. 

    Hendricks asked for a welterweight title shot and I am in full support. He looked great in his UFC career and may be the man to dethrone GSP. 

    Unfortunately, he may have to wait as St-Pierre will be offered a bout against Anderson Silva. 

Carlos Condit: B-

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    The loss probably stings right now for Carlos Condit but there is consolation in knowing that he was able to take the very best that Georges St-Pierre had and keep coming. 

    For five rounds, Condit hung in there and was extremely active from the bottom as he continued to fight off his back. 

    He came close to winning as he dropped St-Pierre in the third with a massive head kick. He wasn't able to take advantage and St-Pierre recovered. 

    This is the fight that could define Condit's career. He's a tough as nails fighter that brings out the best of everyone he fights. That's a gift that he should be truly proud of. 

Georges St-Pierre: A

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    It wasn't pretty but Georges St-Pierre successfully made his return to the Octagon with a unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit. 

    He looked bigger and didn't show signs that his knee was still an issue. St-Pierre hit takedown after takedown and landed several big punches on the feet to keep Condit off his game. 

    Some vicious ground and pound made Condit a bloody mess in the first round. From then on St-Pierre targeted the cuts and cruised to a decision win. 

    That's not to say it was a perfect performance. St-Pierre's face shows the signs that he was in a war. While he was impressive tonight, the performance did nothing to change my mind that Anderson Silva would completely smoke GSP.