WWE Survivor Series 2012: What We Learned from This Year's Event

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 19, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: What We Learned from This Year's Event

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    For one reason or another, we all knew CM Punk would survive. It was bound to happen. How could he not win with the 365-day imposed reign in place (yes, it would seem that way).

    Revenge is a confession of pain. And while pain was caused in the ring, the current WWE champion remains the "Voice of the Voiceless." And it took help from members of NXT to make that happen. Somehow, is Brad Maddox behind this?

    We all knew it would happen, and again both John Cena and Ryback were denied a chance at holding WWE gold. It is almost a given that Punk will be the champion after TLC and will remain so heading into the new year.

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves, he won't knock down Bruno Sammartino's reign as champion in the WWWF/WWF back in the days of Vince McMahon Sr.

    This was a very solid PPV with many great matches, most of them on point. Here are some things we learned from Sunday's PPV event.

Matt Striker vs. Zack Ryder?

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    Has Matt Striker become the new version of Michael Cole? It sure seems that way with his comments about Ryder.

    Striker did not have anything nice to see about the New York native. Does this mean there will be a program with the commentator and the wrestler?

    Both tag teams in the opening match (CoBro and 3MB) are entertaining, and the WWE got it right having this match opening the PPV event.

    I'd like to see what happens if they actually get real and are taken seriously as tag team threats.

    Maybe these two teams have legs.

Otunga? Seriously?

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    I figured some other wrestler would jump in to replace Cody Rhodes in the Survivor Series match. But Otunga is someone you would figure would be hand picked by Dolph Ziggler.

    There was Tensai and potential other talent. But Otunga wins out.

    A poor choice and still shows the WWE had trouble putting the Survivor Series match together.

    Based on what we saw in the pre-show vignette with Team Ziggler, the creative team has no idea what it is doing.

Great Way to Start the Show

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    I am of the opinion the WWE should have had two title matches, and the rest of the show should have been committed to the idea of the traditional Survivor Series matches.

    I loved that there was so much action in the opening match.

    The tag team division is really starting to grow. The WWE was patient, and now it is in a position where it is properly using the tag teams as part of its programing.

Tensai Has No Future in the WWE

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    Wasn't Matt Bloom supposed to take the WWE by storm?

    He was huge and powerful, and he battled John Cena earlier this year. Now he is almost a forgotten man.

    If you ask me, he will be nothing more than a jobber or midcard wrestler at best.

    Maybe a change in his character or gimmick would help make him more appealing.

JBL Is a Breath of Fresh Air

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    He just speaks his mind.

    What a breath of fresh air. He says what he wants. Whether it was about Brodus Clay, Carlos Colon or any topic he chose on the night, he is great on the mic.

    I loved the idea that he was at the table with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. While the WWE will only have two announcers on television, having three calling wrestling matches for PPV events is the right move to make.

Kaitlyn and Eve Was Actually Entertaining

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    The WWE is working to make the Divas division as viable as the tag team division.

    Eve and Kaitlyn are two solid competitors who have given the women more of a solid reputation.

    The fact that the champion used submission moves and Kaitlyn was overly aggressive were cool as hell.

    The match was longer than five minutes and both women sold for each other, which was impressive.

    Eve retains the title.

I Wish R-Truth Was More of a Believable Character

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    With apologies to the "Little Jimmy's," R-Truth used to be a great competitor and a former NWA Champion.

    Antonio Cesaro has not been featured in the best matches, but this match was one I thought would be a pretty good test for the champion.

    It actually was.

    This match was a good middle of the night event.

    Cesaro said no American would beat him for the title and so far, no American has.


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    Tamina attacking AJ Lee while she was in the ring with Vickie Guerrero was a surprise. Maybe not the surprise we hoped for, but it spoke volumes about how the WWE is trying to really beef up the women's division.

    It also means that Tamina may have just become a member of Vickie's stable. And it means a match with both wrestlers at TLC is sure to happen.

    That is totally cool.

Big Show Is Better Than He Has Ever Been

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    Have we seen Big Show better at any one point in his career?

    I am not sure.

    The fact that in the short term, Big Show is proving he is one of the best heels in a long time is a testament to his performance.

    In the WWE, there are many times when the lines between face and heel are skewed. There is no blur with him. He is hated with no middle room.

    The program with Sheamus is one of the better title chases in a long time.

Shades of Hell in a Cell

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    We saw Big Show beat the hell out of Sheamus in the beginning stages of the Hell in a Cell match.

    This was no difference. As Michael Cole said, he just dominated Sheamus in the beginning.

    And the more of a beating Big Show put down on Sheamus, the more the match got better.

The Ending Sucked

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    It is one of the better "big man" feuds, and the ending is not how we figured it would be.

    Pulling Scott Armstrong in front of the Brogue Kick was something that was logical.

    Having the knockout punch secure a win was really disheartening. Also, seeing the win reversed by DQ was poor.

    The chair shots and the Brogue Kick on the ramp were awesome.

    Guess this leads to TLC next month.

Damien Sandow Is so Lanny Paffo

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    Not only does he look like him, but he acts like him.

    Ironically, he was eliminated first in the match.

    Paffo did not win many matches in the WWF, but his act was fun to watch.

    Sandow's future looks a little brighter.

Wade Barrett and Randy Orton Needed Their Own Match

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    It's a rivalry that should have been featured by itself.

    Barrett and Orton have great chemistry in the ring, and they need to show that they can put on a great program.

    At some point, Barrett will win the world title. If Orton does not make a heel turn as he has said to want, this could be a feud that rules 2013.

Miz and Alberto Del Rio...A Sign of Things to Come

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    More of these two need to be seen on opposite sides of the ring.

    Both hate each other outside and inside the ring. The WWE needs to play more off of that and see if this is feud has legs.

    Few sell in the WWE like both of them. It is also a feud we all could see moving forward as well in 2013.

Ziggler Is Sole Survivor

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    Is there anyone who is better at these types of matches?

    If The Undertaker is the best at WrestleMania, then Randy Orton was the best at Survivor Series. Until he met Dolph Ziggler.

    This could lead to Orton's heel turn.

    Ziggler proved he is the best for his team, winning the Survivor Series match. But will he ever cash in his Money In The Bank contract?

Cena vs. Ryback

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    We have wanted to see this. Like Rock vs. Lesnar. The current hero of the WWE vs. the future of this company.

    Both are strong and started what could be a pretty good rivalry. I liked the fact that they both were able to wrestle each other, and then turn their attentions back to CM Punk.

    And the way Punk sold for both opponents is pure and classic.

    But the double clothesline by Ryback was AWESOME.

Another NXT Invasion

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    Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose hit the ring. Out goes Ryback and Cena loses to Punk.

    See, it still happens. Somehow, maybe Brad Maddox is behind this.

    Who knows, and we will have to wait until Monday night to find out.

    Punk will be champion for 365 days....Ugh.