Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings: Projecting the Top Players at Each Position

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2012

Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings: Projecting the Top Players at Each Position

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    If you want to win in fantasy football, you need to follow these rankings.

    The fantasy football season is starting to come to an end, meaning every week is more important as you try to reach the playoffs. With that in mind, you cannot afford to start a player who is unlikely to give you more than a few points.

    This is the last week of byes, so pay attention to your team closely as you try to get the most points possible. 

    Here are full rankings for every key position in fantasy football. 


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    The most steady performers at the quarterback position are where they should be at the top of the list. Each has a good matchup and should continue the recent great play.

    Two average players that should have big days are Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer. The New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots both have mediocre defenses that are in the bottom 10 in both passing yards and touchdowns allowed.

    Luck and Palmer have been red-hot lately and will have big games this week. Start them if you have them.


    Rank Player Team Opponent
    1 Drew Brees Saints Raiders
    2 Aaron Rodgers Packers


    3 Tom Brady Patriots Colts
    4 Peyton Manning Broncos Chargers
    5 Andrew Luck Colts Patriots
    6 Carson Palmer Raiders Saints
    7 Matt Ryan Falcons Cardinals
    8 Matt Stafford Lions Packers
    9 Robert Griffin III Redskins Eagles
    10 Josh Freeman Buccaneers Panthers

Running Backs

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    Stevan Ridley might be one the most frustrating fantasy players around, but he is due for a big week. He received 22 carries last week, compared to only five for Shane Vereen and one for Danny Woodhead. 

    Against a below-average Colts defense, he should thrive.

    The same goes for LeSean McCoy, who has had an up-and-down year but will be needed more than ever with rookie quarterback Nick Foles expected to start for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Chris Ivory also sneaks onto the list after some strong runs last week. He is earning himself more playing time on the New Orleans Saints, even if Darren Sproles returns. 


    Rank Player Team Opponent
    1 Arian Foster Texans  Jaguars 
    2 Doug Martin Buccaneers  Panthers 
    3 LeSean McCoy Eagles  Redskins 
    4 Stevan Ridley Patriots Colts
    5 Ray Rice Ravens  Steelers 
    6 Trent Richardson Browns  Cowboys 
    7 Jamaal Charles Chiefs  Bengals 
    8 Alfred Morris Redskins Eagles 
    9 Steven Jackson Rams  Jets 
    10 Frank Gore  49ers  Bears 
    11 Matt Forte Bears  49ers 
    12 Shonn Greene Jets  Rams 
    13 Willis McGahee Broncos  Chargers
    14 Michael Turner Falcons  Cardinals 
    15 Mikel Leshoure Lions Packers 
    16 Ryan Mathews Chargers  Broncos 
    17 Marcel Reece Raiders  Saints 
    18 Felix Jones Cowboys  Browns 
    19 Jonathan Dwyer  Steelers Ravens 
    20 Chris Ivory Saints  Raiders 


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    There are some suspicious absences on the list. Neither Larry Fitzgerald nor Torrey Smith made the top 20, and they should be benched in your fantasy leagues.

    Both are facing tough matchups this week, and Fitzgerald also has to struggle with inconsistent throws at quarterback. 

    On the other hand, receivers like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Jeremy Maclin have the ability to show what they can do against weaker opponents in Week 11.


    Rank Player Team Opponent
    1 A.J. Green  Bengals  Chiefs 
    2 Calvin Johnson  Lions  Packers 
    3 Reggie Wayne  Colts  Patriots 
    4 Marques Colston Saints  Raiders 
    5 Demaryius Thomas  Broncos  Chargers 
    6 Roddy White  Falcons  Cardinals 
    7 Vincent Jackson  Buccaneers  Panthers 
    8 Brandon Marshall  Bears  49ers 
    9 Julio Jones  Falcons  Cardinals 
    10 Wes Welker  Patriots  Colts 
    11 Jordy Nelson Packers  Lions 
    12 Danny Amendola  Rams  Jets 
    13 Eric Decker Broncos  Chargers 
    14 Mike Wallace  Steelers  Ravens 
    15 Dez Bryant  Cowboys  Browns 
    16 Darrius Heyward-Bey Raiders  Saints 
    17 Randall Cobb  Packers  Lions 
    18 Jeremy Maclin Eagles  Redskins 
    19 Steve Smith  Panthers  Buccaneers 
    20 Andre Johnson  Texans  Jaguars 

Tight Ends

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    Jimmy Graham owners are excited that the tight end is finally justifying his high draft spot. The good news is that this should continue for the near future.

    Vernon Davis also falls off the list after not performing from a fantasy perspective for over a month. Against the tough Chicago Bears defense, this will not change.

    Greg Olsen should also be able to build off of his 22-point performance last week against the worst pass defense in the NFL. He will prove that last game was not a fluke. 


    Rank Player Team Opponent
    1 Jimmy Graham  Saints Raiders 
    2 Rob Gronkowski  Patriots  Colts 
    3 Tony Gonzalez  Falcons  Cardinals 
    4 Heath Miller  Steelers  Ravens 
    5 Greg Olsen  Panthers Buccaneers 
    6 Jason Witten  Cowboys  Browns 
    7 Antonio Gates  Chargers  Broncos 
    8 Owen Daniels  Texans  Jaguars 
    9 Brent Celek  Eagles  Redskins 
    10 Jermaine Gresham  Bengals Chiefs 

Defense/Special Teams

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    On defense, it is all about finding the best matchup.

    A team like the Kansas City Chiefs is likely to allow any opponent to have a good fantasy game.

    The Denver Broncos are also a very good team to play this week. They have scored five touchdowns in the last four games and are facing the San Diego Chargers, who have a tendency to turn the ball over.

    Of course, the Chicago Bears will remain on top regardless of opponent. They have not scored fewer than nine points all season, and that should not end this week.


    Rank Team Opponent
    1 Bears  49ers 
    2 Texans  Jaguars 
    3 Broncos  Chargers 
    4 Falcons  Cardinals 
    5 Buccaneers  Panthers 
    6 Bengals  Chiefs 
    7 Rams Jets
    8 49ers  Bears 
    9 Ravens  Steelers 
    10 Cowboys  Browns