Live from the Living Room (Barely): The Last First-Round Games!

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 21, 2008

Indiana and Arkansas are close but the game has been temporarily stopped when Hoosier gastropod DeAndre Thomas attempted to eat hygiene-challenged Arkansas center Steven Hill and regurgitated on center court.  It's taking a FEMA crew in HAZ-MAT suits a while to clean up the mess.

So we start with Louisville and Boise State.  The Broncs are trying to rush it but realize too late they do not have Ian Johnson. 7-1 Cards.

Clemson and 'Nova have joined the party. 6-2 Tigers.

Sloppy ball between 'Ville and BSU.  Reminds me of games at my local gym when a bunch of 30-somethings (like myself) run up and down, chuck shots, don't play defense, and hope somebody scores 'cause we're too gassed and out of shape to actually rebound, since that requires effort.  13-5 Cards.

Updates....Cards cruising, Tigers burning bright, Hogs close leaders and Memphis just getting started.

DJ White has 2 fouls for Indiana and Eric Gordon has 2 points.  Arkansas up by 10.

Clemson up 27-16.  This could be a team to watch.  Kind of like the higher ranked Tigers free throw shooting might be their undoing but they could make Kansas very nervous if that matchup takes place.

Derrick Caracter goes to the locker room for the 'Ville but contributed 7 points off the bench.  Biggest lead for the Cards who are up 42-26. 

Texas-Arlington is giving the best effort of the 16 seeds.  They rebound well and run their offense effectively.  Unfortunately they're playing Memphis.

Arkansas and Indiana getting ready to start the second half.  Hogs up 37-30.

The first free throws of the game are coming up in the Clemson-Villanova matchup with 2:28 left in the first half.

DJ White is starting to get it going for Indiana.  He has 15 and the Hoosiers cut it to six.

Juan Palacios has struggled all year with injuries.  He has hit Louisville's last four.  Nice to see even though the Cards should cruise and it will give them another dimension.

Indiana has cut the lead to three.  Armon Bassett had two straight treys.

Villanova starts off with a 5-0 run in the 2nd half.  Clemson starts thinking its North Carolina, panics, and calls timeout.

Louisville's shooting 57 percent for the game.  Boise State has an uphill battle and no Statue of Liberty plays.

Darian Townes is saving Arkansas now with timely putbacks.  55-49 Hogs.

Sonny Weems adds a three for 22 for the game.

Nova on a furious run.  It has to be the Tampa magic.  They have cut the lead to four.  Rays fever, Catch It!

Clemson 1 for 4 from the line.  Fundamentals fever, Catch It!

Nova has cut the lead to one.  Scottie Reynolds is leading the charge with Dwayne Anderson playing some ferocious D.

Armon Bassett doing his best to keep Indiana in it but Sonny Weems is scoring at will.

Louisville looks safe as kittens.  Arkansas is approaching that point but Armon Bassett continues to be a rabid Rottweiler.

Sonny Weems has joined the 30-point club.

'Nova has taken the lead with 11:56 left.

David Potter takes it back for Clemson.

Chalk it up for Louisville.  79-61.

Clemson, meanwhile, is four for 11 from the line and losing by three.  That simple statement speaks volumes.  For example, Terrence Oglesby got fouled on a three which would normally be catastrophic for most teams.  In 'Nova's case it makes great sense though all three gimmes were canned.

Villanova shooting 77% in the second half.  Harold Jensen took a break from his thriving accounting practice to lead the Wildcat charge.

Chalk it up for Arkansas.  86-72.

What a complete collapse by Clemson.  In addition to their inability to accept charity they can't earn it either with one field goal in almost eight minutes.  Basically the Tigers are the homeless mules of the college hoops world.

Villanova now up by eight.  I don't think the tourney has had two 12-13 matchups in the second round before in the same year.  This looks like it should be the first.

Clemson simply can't hit anything but at least they're only down by six.  Normally I would suggest a hack-a-Shaq theory but it looks like Clemson will continue to self-destruct.

Terence Oglesby is 6 for 6 from the line.  The rest of Clemson is 4 for 13.

Jay Wright just got T'D.  Amazingly, Clemson could tie it on this possession.

But they miss (shocking!). 'Cats up two with two and a half left.

Huge basket by Rivers.  Now Demontez Stitt goes to the line with a chance to tie it.

He does so.  66-all. 1:55 left.

James Mays fouled out away from the ball.  He's the second Clemson starter to get the DQ.

Dante Cunningham puts 'Nova up two.

A bad pass by Ogelsby leads to a Raymond Sykes foul.  Nova now up by four.

Oglesby misses a layup as Antonio Pena got in the way. Nova ball.

Rivers had a great look from three and missed.  That might do it.

Oglesby is having a nightmare of a game.  One for 11 from the field.

Rivers makes a three but barring a miracle, four double-digit seeds will have won in Tampa.

What a collapse.  75-69.


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