Rex Ryan Needs to Give Tim Tebow Chance Against Rams

David KenyonFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2012

Tebow has patiently waited for his turn, it's time Rex Ryan gives him a chance.
Tebow has patiently waited for his turn, it's time Rex Ryan gives him a chance.Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The famous "Tebow Time" has not happened this season because, clearly, Mark Sanchez is the New York Jets' starting quarterback.

Tim Tebow was also voted the most overrated player in the NFL, according to the players in a poll.

Of course, a massive media story broke this week when an anonymous defensive starter calling the third-year pro "terrible" in an interview with New York Daily News' Manish Mehta—a cowardly move said head coach, Rex Ryan.

Man, Tebow cannot get a break. He hardly plays five offensive snaps per game and gets ragged on.

Yet, the second-string quarterback will continue to take the high road throughout all the drama.

And you know what Rex should do? Give the guy a chance.

The St. Louis Rams pose an intriguing matchup with the 14th ranked defense in the league.

Recent games have proven successful for the running game of the Rams' opponents.

Both the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers scored two touchdowns and averaged 5.4 yards per carry.

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick used his dual-threat ability with great success. He carried the ball eight times for 66 yards and a score.

That said, how about Rex gives Timmy a chance to lead a drive or two? There has been a point in every game where New York's offense has been stagnant.

ESPN's Ian O'Conner had one thing to say about this whole mess. You know who is more terrible than Tebow?

The Jets.

Wake-up calls hurt, don't they?

Conversely, these drive-killer plays needs to stop. Let's face it, scoring drives are few and far between for New York.

When Sanchez is leading the team down the field, let him keep it going. When Tebow comes into the game, he doesn't have the momentum and ultimately stalls the drive.

Of course, at the goal-line, Tebow can enter as the power runner, but power-runs at the 50-yard line aren't conducive to the Jets' success.

But here's the point: Change the flow, change the style. Throw Tebow out there.

And you know what the worst thing that can happen is? The Jets keep losing.

The quarterback controversy will continue for the remainder of the season and maybe even throughout Tebow's tenure in New York.

If Tim Tebow is really that terrible, then why did he beat the Jets last season?

Rex Ryan simply needs to give Tebow a legitimate chance to play.