Michigan Mailbag Question: About the Spring Game

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

Will the Michigan spring football game will be aired on television—the Big Ten Network or on any TV station? I will not be in town, so I will be unable to attend, but hopefully I can Tivo it. I know Florida broadcasts theirs on television, does Michigan?

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Thanks for the question.

Yes, knock on wood. Nothing is official yet, but I am willing to bet that the BTN will want to have it on television this year. Last year, I believe the BTN had nine spring games on television.

Last year, the BTN could not broadcast Michigan's spring game on television because the game was held at Saline high school.

I'm willing to bet that the Big Ten conference and the BTN will want to televise it this year, since it will be in Michigan Stadium.

Also, last year, the BTN spent one day / practice at each Big Ten school and was able to get snippets of practice along with talking with the coaches, players, etc...

Another point, I am sure Coach Rod would want it televised to show recruits, fans, etc...what Michigan is about, some air time for their program without giving away too much away. (If it is televised, it will be nice for Michigan to get some good publicity for a change.)

In most cases, most teams do not show much during the spring game, usually running basic formations, basic plays, and mixing up the teams a lot, so it's hard to figure out who is playing where and who the starters might be.

The defense will likely not show much either. What they will probably try to do in the April 11 Spring Game is run basic formations, with basic passing coverages, with a smattering of blitzes thrown in for good measure.

For the typical fan, it will be great to just see the team on the field, but it will be a "vanilla" football.


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