Jeremy Lin: Why Fans Should Wait Before Labeling Him as a Bust

Isaac Berky@isaacberkyCorrespondent IINovember 16, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Why Fans Should Wait Before Labeling Him as a Bust

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    When the Houston Rockets signed Jeremy Lin to a three-year, $25 million contract, they knew that they were taking a calculated risk.

    A risk that they hope will pay off for them in the long run.

    Eight games into the season however, fans are already starting to label Lin a bust and waste of money. Rockets fans should hesitate before jumping the gun and calling Lin a bust though. 

    The young point guard, who has shown great talent at times since emerging onto the national scene last season, has great upside. Lin can turn into a game changer and All-Star for the Rockets.

    Fans just need to be willing to give the young star time.

    It might not be easy for Rockets fans to wait a little longer before calling for Lin to be traded and labeling him as the offseason's top bust.  

    Here are a few reasons for fans to hold off for at least a little while longer before labeling the Lin signing as a bust.

He Needs Time to Adjust

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    After a whirlwind summer, Jeremy Lin has finally been able to settle in Houston and start to get acclimated to his new surroundings. 

    Anytime a player, especially a young one like Lin, latches on with a new team, it takes a little bit of time for the player to adjust. New coaching styles, new teammates and new systems can all affect the way a player can play. 

    While some fans expect players to come in right away and dominate, it takes time for players to adjust. Lin is a player who has been criticized, since his emergence onto the national scene, for being inconsistent at times. 

    Once the shy point guard is comfortable in Houston, though, anything could happen.  

    It might take a little bit of time for Jeremy Lin to adjust to life in Houston, so Rockets fans need to be willing to wait.  

He Is Developing Chemistry with Harden

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    Since making his debut as a Rocket, James Harden has led the team, quickly stepping up as a leader and scorer. 

    Both players are young and not used to the workload and pressure that will be put on them in Houston. For this reason alone, the two players need to develop chemistry to become a dynamic duo.  

    Talentwise, Harden and Lin have the ability to become one of the league's top scoring duos.

    That will only come with chemistry though.

    Chemistry is not developed over night either. It is something that is developed as players spend more time together and play together. 

    Every star player has a sidekick or companion who can help shoulder the load. Until Lin and Harden get comfortable with each other on and off the court, neither player will reach his full potential. 

    Players need someone they know they can lean on during struggles to help them produce, and for Lin, that will be Harden.

    Once the two young Rockets develop good chemistry, both players will become even better players than they already are.

He Is Still Learning and Developing

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    When the Rockets signed Lin they knew it was a risk.

    The Rockets knew that they were getting a young player who still had lots of learning to do. 

    Fans need to understand this as well. While fans and the Rockets hope Lin can be a star now leading them into the playoffs, they must understand that development for a player like Lin will be a key.

    For point guards, the ability to efficiently run the offense is the key.

    That is something that Lin is still learning to do. In New York, the amount of pressure for immediate All-Star type production was too much for Lin to handle. 

    A player who likes avoiding the spotlight, the Rockets need to understand how to control the pressure on Lin. If the Rockets are able to help Lin learn to manage the pressure and spotlight, his on-court development will immediately begin to grow leaps and bounds. 

    Even with a large contract, Rockets fans need to be willing to give Lin a little bit of time before passing judgement.

    As a young player with lots of potential, Lin can and will, if taken care of, grow into the star that everyone wants him to be during his time in Houston.