Michigan Mailbag Question: Two Biggest Differences This Spring

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

So what do you guys think will be the biggest difference from this spring practices to last year's spring practice?

Red W.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion, the two biggest differences will be:

First, this will be the second year using Coach Rod's offense, so the added familiarity should be a huge advantage.

Secondly, this is the second year with Coach Barwis's strength and conditioning program, which should make for a better-conditioned team. Coach Barwis told us last spring that the longer the players are in his system the better they will get every single day.

A better-conditioned team makes it easier to learn and practice football. Of course, there are other things that will make a huge difference that factor into the first issue, such as knowing the plays, what to expect in the spring, and more experience not only on knowing what the coaching staff wants, but also with all the game experience this team has gained.

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