GSP: Power Ranking Georges St-Pierre's UFC Victories

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2012

GSP: Power Ranking Georges St-Pierre's UFC Victories

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    Georges St. Pierre has entered the Octagon 18 times in his career and come out with his hand raised in 16 of those encounters. That is why he is considered one of the world's best mixed martial artists, and one of the greatest of all-time.

    GSP has beaten most of the best welterweights in the world, and made it look easy. He has been a buzzsaw throughout his UFC career.

    Now we sit on the brink of his return to the cage. We will once again be witness to a GSP fight at UFC 154 in Montreal when he takes on UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit.

    Eight years in the UFC and going strong.

    This is how each of his victories stack up against one another.

No. 16: Decision Victory over Jake Shields, UFC 129

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    UFC 129 was the UFC's first stadium show and GSP was tapped to headline the event in Toronto.

    The UFC Welterweight Champion dominated his challenger for 25 minutes of action.

    GSP did not allow Jake Shields to employ his strategy. He kept Shields at bay and slowly picked him apart en route to a unanimous decision victory. It was not the most exciting of wins.

    The critics that GSP gathered over his previous fights leading in to this bout only grew. They wanted one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world to finish. GSP is a thinking man's fighter. He will find his clearest path to victory and take it without any high risks.

    That is what he continued to do versus Shields.

No. 15: Successful Title Defense vs. Josh Koscheck, UFC 124

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    GSP basically won this fight with his jab. That alone was what won this fight.

    Koscheck had no answer for it. GSP repeatedly tagged Koscheck with his jab on his right eye. It was with consistent precision that GSP took this fight.

    Koscheck's eye closed and he was unable to respond with anything. It was dominant, but over the course of 25 minutes fans expect more than a single punch over and over.

    The damage would sideline Koscheck for considerable time. GSP continued down his dominant path leaving another victim in his wake.

No. 14: UFC Debut vs. Karo Parisyan, UFC 46

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    St. Pierre's UFC was not an easy one. He was immediately met by Karo Parisyan.

    At this time Parisyan was right alongside GSP as the future of the division, and after the fight many would still hold on to that belief.

    Karo tested GSP. The French-Canadian had to defend against submission attempts.

    On the feet however, he was no match for the attacks of GSP.

    At the end of all three rounds Parisyan would be battered and bloodied by GSP. St. Pierre would claim his first UFC victory and start a career that would reach the top of the mountain.

No. 13: Dominant Victory vs. Jason Miller, UFC 52

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller may have been smiling throughout the fight, but he was doing it while GSP beat him up for 15 minutes.

    Miller had nothing to offer GSP.

    GSP busted him up on the feet and on the ground. He was unable to knock him out or get a submission, but it was an impressive performance by the rising star.

    This was GSP's first fight in the UFC since dropping the title fight against Matt Hughes. He showed how much he improved since that loss and raised a lot of eyebrows with his performance. Everyone knew he would soon be back in a title fight.

No. 12: GSP Returns from Loss a New Man vs. Josh Koscheck, UFC 74

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    GSP returned to the Octagon following his unexpected loss to Matt Serra. Walking to the cage you could tell this was a new man.

    That was bad news for Josh Koscheck.

    In their re-match GSP peppered him with a jab for 25 minutes, but in this three round fight GSP repeatedly took down the explosive wrestler and made a statement.

    His wrestling ability would never be in question again. What he was able to do to Koscheck erased any of those doubts.

    GSP took a clear decision victory and would focus on getting his title back.

No. 11: Controlling Win vs. Thiago Alves, UFC 100

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    The landmark event that was UFC 100 featured GSP defending his championship against top contender Thiago Alves.

    Alves was coming off a knockout victory over Matt Hughes and a decision win over Josh Koscheck. He looked to be one of GSP's most dangerous opponents to date.

    The champion coasted to a victory.

    GSP kept Alves guessing the entire fight. He did not allow the powerful striker to get going. Excellent takedowns and solid stand-up proved too much for the challenger.

    It was a clean sweep on the judge's scorecards.

No. 10: GSP Breezes to Victory vs. Dan Hardy, UFC 111

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    Following his UFC 100 performance came another dominant victory for GSP.

    Dan Hardy came in with a seven fight win streak and 4-0 inside the UFC.

    Hardy was able to survive all five rounds, but it was another shutout on the scorecards.

    GSP looked to be close to finishing the fight with a Kimura, but to Hardy's credit he was able to survive. In lieu of breaking Hardy's arm GSP went back to controlling the fight and coasting to a win.

    The dynamic champion continued to roll through the division with ease.

No. 9: Finishes Sean Sherk, UFC 56

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    The 10-1 GSP was seeking his fourth consecutive win and third straight in the UFC against Sean Sherk.

    It was Sherk's first fight back with the UFC in two years since dropping a title fight to Matt Hughes. It was a rude welcome.

    GSP tore through Sherk and got the stoppage in the second-round.

    This was the kind of performance GSP's legacy was built upon. Dynamic and brutal. Tearing through competition with a wide array of weapons.

    GSP stood on the door step to a title shot and would only have one more opponent to get through to get there.

No. 8: GSP Escapes with Win vs. BJ Penn, UFC 58

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    The former UFC Welterweight Champion, BJ Penn, returned to the Octagon for a title eliminator bout against GSP. It was one of GSP's toughest fights in his career and a razor thin decision.

    Penn came out and took control of the fight early. However, fights are not one round.

    GSP would rebound and take the next two rounds on two of the judge's scorecards before heading off to the hospital following the battle.

    He was able to overcome an early onslaught and showed his resolve in the fight. He came back to get the win and proved he was just not a front-runner. He could endure and overcome.

    With the win he was now the number one contender in the division and had Hughes in his sights. They would meet eight months later at UFC 65.

No. 7: Quick TKO vs. Jay Hieron, UFC 48

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    The fight remains the quickest in GSP's career.

    It was only his second UFC fight and GSP torched the 4-0 Jay Hieron.

    1:42 was all it took until the referee called a stop to the action. GSP made a statement to every other welterweight in the UFC with this fight. It would quicken his acceleration toward the top as he would challenge Matt Hughes for the title in his next fight.

    It was a little too soon for GSP as he would go on to lose that fight via an armbar with one second remaining in the first round. However, GSP would have never had that opportunity without his decisive performance over Hieron at UFC 48.

No. 6: GSP Too Athletic, Big vs. BJ Penn in Rematch, UFC 84

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    The first encounter between GSP and BJ Penn was a tightly contested affair. The rematch was anything but.

    The Lightweight Champion stepped back up in weight in an attempt to dethrone GSP and claim a championship in two divisions simultaneously. GSP sent Penn back to lightweight in twenty minutes.

    The game plan was very effective and efficient. He was simply too big for Penn.

    GSP made Penn carry all of his weight while taking punishment. And it wore down the lightweight champion. In between the fourth and fifth rounds the corner had to call the fight because Penn could no longer take any more of GSP.

    It was a big fight for both fighters and the UFC. GSP made his case to be the pound-for-pound best fighter with his dominant performance.

No. 5: GSP Chokes out Frank Trigg, UFC 54

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    Frank Trigg was coming off his second loss to Matt Hughes and was ready to meet GSP to prove he was still the top contender in the division.

    GSP would hand Trigg his pink slip.

    The future champion took Trigg down and used ground and pound to soften him up. From there he got his back and sunk in the rear-naked choke. GSP made it look extremely easy.

    The momentum was building behind these performances by GSP. Fans were getting excited about a possible rematch with Hughes and his prospects of being the next champion. It would take more than a year, but GSP would get that shot.

No. 4: Decisive Submission Win vs. Matt Hughes, UFC 79

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    The UFC Interim Welterweight Championship was on the line as Matt Hughes and GSP met for the third and final time.

    It was another dynamic performance by GSP as he completely dominated Hughes for the second straight fight.

    He rag-dolled Hughes. In the second frame he tossed him to the mat and finished the fight with an armbar. Hughes was entangled and his only choice was to yell at the ref that he was tapping. The armbar would earn GSP the submission of the night.

    The victory put him in line to meet Matt Serra in a rematch to determine the undisputed champion and allow GSP to get revenge.

No. 3: Exacting Revenge vs. Matt Serra, UFC 83

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    GSP got the fight he wanted. A chance to redeem himself against the man who took his title.

    He would get this fight in Montreal.

    The home crowd was electric for the fight, and GSP responded by stopping Serra in the second round with vicious knees to the body. Serra had no answer for St. Pierre on that night in 2008.

    GSP became the Undisputed UFC Welterweight Champion and four years later he will have to do that once again against Carlos Condit. Once again in Montreal.

    If the same GSP enters the cage it could be a short night, and a big celebration will happen across Canada. GSP looked phenomenal in his destruction of Serra.

No. 2: GSP Amazes in Decision Win vs. Jon Fitch, UFC 87

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    This was the fight fans, fighters and pundits had been waiting to see. Finally, Jon Fitch would get his shot to fight GSP for the championship. It was a fight between the clear No. 1 and No. 2 in the division.

    We learned there was a big gap between those two numbers.

    GSP swept every round on the scorecards and nearly finished the rugged Fitch. The punch that knocked out his mouth piece and knocked Fitch down remains a part of GSP's highlight reel.

    The champion showed what a true mixed martial artist was in that performance. He may not have been able to get the stoppage, but defeating Fitch in the fashion that he did was just as impressive. The AKA product had no answer for the champion.

    GSP's performance was nearly flawless.

No. 1: GSP Captures First Championship vs. Matt Hughes, UFC 65

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    In what was nearly a flawless performance against Fitch at UFC 87 was one against Hughes at UFC 65.

    GSP avoided being taken down early in the fight, and mixed up his strikes against Hughes. The low inside leg kicks became a problem for the champion early on.

    As the first round drew to a close GSP nearly finished the fight with a Superman punch. The bell saved Hughes, but only for another 90 seconds.

    Instead of going low in the second-round GSP blasted Hughes with a head kick that put him down. GSP followed up with elbows until John McCarthy stopped the bout.

    GSP achieved his dream. He had become the UFC Welterweight Champion of the World. He did so with a perfect performance over who was, at the time, the most dominant champion in UFC history. It remains his best performance in the Octagon.