UFC “Quick Break”: Georges St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit

Gregory Chase@FightersCreedCorrespondent INovember 16, 2012

photo from m.theglobeandmail.com
photo from m.theglobeandmail.com

These “Quick Breaks” are short breakdowns of upcoming fights in a summed up focus of strengths, weaknesses and variables; this will analyze what could happen in the fight, and end with the writer’s prediction.

The UFC returns to Canada on Saturday to put on one of the most highly anticipated return bouts in combat sport history. Following injury and substitution, two welterweight champions will enter the cage and only one will leave the undisputed champion. This is the return of Georges St. Pierre, and what better place to host his coming-back party than Montreal, Quebec, Canada—on November 17th, at the Bell Centre. UFC 154 is here, and it is sure to be a fight card not to be missed. 

In the blue corner you have Carlos Condit. “The Natural Born Killer” has been waiting patiently for his shot at the title against GSP, and due to some calling-out and trash-talking from some other challengers, Condit was put on the backburner. Keeping busy, he attained the Interim title after GSP succumbed to a knee injury. Now he is ready, and he is hungry. GSP has been his main focus now for quite some time, and has had ample time to prepare mentally and physically. He is riding a five-fight winning streak, and certainly has great momentum going into this fight.

In the red corner you have Georges St. Pierre. “Rush” last set foot in the Octagon in April of 2011, and will look to get back to his dominant position on top of the WW division. After suffering a bad knee injury, his road to recovery has been reportedly smooth, but UFC 154 will be his chance to prove it. How he has recovered from his injury is the big question, especially since a strong part of his game is his wrestling and takedown abilities. He has been at the top of the heap for years, but this is a big moment in his career that could ultimately define his future in the sport.


Carlos Condit is a tough fighter, and fights smart. He is well-rounded, dangerous, and will be mentally prepared for this fight. The big questions mostly fall on GSP though. How he has recovered—but also how/if he will fight differently? GSP is widely criticized for not making efforts to finish fights, and on paper, it’s hard to argue. True or not, GSP acknowledges this and wants to improve. He looks to be more opportunistic when it comes to moments where he can tap into his killer instinct. GSP has the tools to finish fights, and now wants to bring them out of the shed more, but will still avoid being careless.

If one man can come back just as great, if not better than before an injury, it is GSP. He is a smart guy, and game-plans very well. Condit will be a great challenge for him, but it is hard to bet against such a dominant champion as GSP, despite the ring rhttp://bleacherreport.com/editor_cms/editust. Time will tell, but come UFC 154, two men will enter with belts, and only one will leave with one. 

Prediction: GSP wins via unanimous decision. 

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