Carlos Condit and 9 UFC Fighters Who Are Unfairly Criticized

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Carlos Condit and 9 UFC Fighters Who Are Unfairly Criticized
Carlos Condit doesn't deserve half the hate he gets.

Remember when Carlos Condit wasn't a target?

Before he beat up Nick Diaz and sat on the UFC welterweight title, Condit delighted fans and pundits alike with his aggressive style, flashy knockouts and never-say-die brawling style. Fast forward a handful of months later, and his name is as good as mud with many more fans.

But even with all the gripes, Condit doesn't deserve the backlash.

He waited for a big money fight with the sport's biggest pay-per-view draw. Is it fair to fault Condit—a father and 10-year fight veteran—in looking out for his own interests?

No. It's unfair.

As quickly as we MMA fans praise the fighters we love, we're just as quick to crucify other fighters for perceived selfishness, egotism, or any other qualities we think we see.

But the matter of fact is simply this—they don't deserve the hate.

Condit's on everyone's radar simply because he's competing this Saturday at UFC 154. But here's nine other past-and-present UFC fighters who should be cut some slack.

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