AJ Lee: Ranking the WWE Diva's Best Outfits

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 16, 2012

AJ Lee: Ranking the WWE Diva's Best Outfits

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    Recent Raw general manager AJ Lee is cute and WWE knows it.

    The company has utilized that fact, appealing to teenage boys and girls looking for a Diva to look up to. Sure AJ's outfits have been sexy, but they've also been fashionable.

    Too often Divas have been made into wrestling strippers, but with AJ there has been a balance of cool and cute with not a hint of trashiness.

    AJ has rocked a variety of outfits, each one showcasing different facets of her persona. As she's risen from NXT performer to one of Raw's biggest stars, she's sported some awesome fashion statements.

7. Suit with Shorts

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    AJ began her Raw GM career in a standard pin-striped suit. She'd yet to find her groove in the new role.

    The business attire made her look professional, fitting for the position, but didn't fit her spunky personality.

    As each week went by, it seemed that WWE steered her suit toward skimpy, revealing more and more skin. By the time Paul Heyman made his insincere proposal to her, she wore a much more youthful look.

    She still had the suit element for her professional side but also had a loose tie look and short shorts to up her sex appeal.

6. Kitana

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    In an interview on ESPN.com, AJ said, "everyone knows that I love playing video games."

    Judging by her choice for Halloween costume, that statement isn't just lip service. Dressed as Kitana from "Mortal Kombat," AJ draws in the video game addicts who also happen to dig pro wrestling.

    Unlike some Divas, AJ comes across as a woman you could be buddies with. How many women of her attractiveness level could you play XBOX with?

    She manages to make something as nerdy as dressing like a video game character the cool thing to do.  

5. Referee Uniform

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    AJ isn't the first wrestler, female or male, to make the referee outfit a skimpy one. Refer to Shawn Michaels for past use of short shorts in an officiating capacity.

    This isn't an especially clever outfit, just a blatant utilization of AJ's nice-looking legs.

    WWE hasn't been shy about tapping into sex appeal. In the case of AJ, she's not just a piece of eye candy, but instead a multi-layered character who happens to be mightily attractive.

    Those long Converse boots are quickly becoming an AJ signature.

4. Daniel Bryan Style

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    AJ began getting decent WWE airtime as Daniel Bryan's love interest.

    She played a petite damsel in distress in a storyline that could have gone nowhere. Fortunately for WWE fans, things got interesting.

    Bryan's loss at WrestleMania led him to belittle her and eventually break up with her.

    The rejection caused her personality to veer dramatically to an unhinged place. It was then that we saw her obsess over Bryan to the point of wearing a hotter version of his ring gear.

    Her "Yes!" shirt is effectively feminized with the shoulders shredded, the midriff exposed and, by her choice, getting the T-shirt in a size too small.

    She tops it with a stylish black belt and a maroon bow at her hip.

3. Green Dots

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    Very similar to her trademark plaid wrestling gear, AJ's dot outfit is peppy and original. It mirrors her vibrancy.

    Does the amount of skin revealed help the appeal of this? Yes, indeed.

    There's more to it than that, though. She's managed to set herself apart from the other women on the roster with a unique look that echoes her personality.

    The colors and design pop.

    It also offers plenty of freedom for skipping around the ring or for delivering a Shining Wizard on an opponent.

2. CM Punk T-Shirt

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    AJ's career momentum ignited during her angle with CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan.

    Playing the mentally unstable, love-sick girl, AJ became the story of the summer. A big part of that was how incredible she looked in her modified CM Punk T-shirt.

    She completed the look with a pair of black shorts and red Converse. Would anybody else have been able to make codependency look so cool?

    Her attempt at wooing Kane by wearing his gear was not as pleasant to look at.

1. Plaid

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    Whether in green or yellow or otherwise, AJ's plaid wrestling outfits have become her trademark.

    In a division where most of the women seem to be wearing interchangeable sexy ring gear, AJ's hip and hot look stands out.

    Her boots are basically extended Converse married with modern wrestling boots. They add a unique touch that makes her look both ready to kick some tail and to pose for pics.

    Extending this idea of cute and tough melding together, her kneepads feature a pair of very cutesy skull and crossbones. She accessorizes well with a few wristbands.

    AJ, in terms of both success and fashion sense, serves as the epitome of cool to young girls. At the same time, she's hooked the male portion of the audience with her "don't call me crazy" antics, wrestling skills and good looks.