5 Major Flaws It's Clear Miami Dolphins Still Must Address

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent INovember 16, 2012

5 Major Flaws It's Clear Miami Dolphins Still Must Address

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    A once promising season has turned the way that nature has for the Miami Dolphins.

    Everything looked pretty in the fall. The leaves were turning colors, the temps were cooling, and Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush were a dynamic offense.

    Now, not so much. It's just cold.

    So what needs to be done to get the Dolphins back on track for next season?

    Glad you asked. 

Restore the Relationship with Reggie Bush

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    Head coach Joe Philbin is tough. He demands that his players adhere to his ways and doesn't put up with anything less. 

    Thus, he and Reggie Bush haven't exactly seen eye to eye all the time. 

    But that needs to be put to bed.

    Bush is by far the most talented player on the offense. If he isn't on board, it's going to affect the rest of the team.

    Philbin must show confidence in Bush, regardless of any ball-security issues. And the results will reverberate throughout the team.

The Secondary Is Terrible

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    The secondary is horrendous, and the only prescription, is more talent.

    The passing defense gives up 278 yards per game and made Jake Locker look like an All-Pro.

    Quite frankly, that's not good enough.

    Vontae Davis was shipped off prior to the beginning of the season. Now, the lack of talent is absolutely glaring.

    Get on it, Dolphins. 

The Wide Receivers Aren't Much Better

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    You know you're in trouble when Brian Hartline is your best receiver.

    Honestly, he's a nice little wideout. Hartline has grabbed 53 passes for 790 yards. That's a healthy average.

    However, does Hartline strike fear into opposing defenses?


    The Dolphins need to find a real No. 1 receiver. And with the amount of losing they've done lately, the draft should provide some nice options. 

Use the Tight End

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    This discussion can go one of two ways.

    Anthony Fasano is a decent tight end. Can he be a top-10 type of guy? I'm not sure.

    He has 26 catches for 200 yards and three scores. That simply isn't enough.

    Get Fasano the ball. Or find a tight end that you feel more comfortable with.

    And then get him the ball.

Get Ryan Tannehill More Experience

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    Rookie quarterbacks don't win Super Bowls.

    They barely win games.

    However, Ryan Tannehill has shown enough this year to demonstrate that he has the potential to be a quality NFL quarterback. Now, he just needs experience.

    Again, it's that simple.