5 Adjustments Houston Rockets, Kevin McHale's Staff Still Need to Make

Vinny Hardy@http://twitter.com/VinnyHardyCorrespondent INovember 16, 2012

5 Adjustments Houston Rockets, Kevin McHale's Staff Still Need to Make

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    Decisions, decisions. Everything a coach does is predicated on decisions. They must decide who to play and when to play them and what plays should be ran and the most appropriate time they should be ran.

    Then they must sit back and hope the players are in the proper position to make the proper plays which should be the case if they've made the proper decision.

    After all of this, then it's time to face the music. If a decision yields a successful result, praise will follow. If it backfires, there is more than enough blame to go around.

    At 4-4, the Houston Rockets are trying to hold their own in the tough Southwest Division. Half of their wins have come against the hapless Detroit Pistons, but hey, wins are wins.

    That said, what are some things the staff could do differently?

Get Chandler Parsons Even More Involved

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    Chandler Parsons is coming on strong. He set a new career high in points against the Miami Heat and followed that up with a double-double against the New Orleans Hornets.

    His 17 field-goal attempts against Miami were a season high, as were his 10 attempts from three-point land. A lot of his points came after the defense had been broken down by penetration, which allowed him to spot up and knock down three-pointers.

    Over the next few games they should make a conscious effort to get him going. James Harden's arrival eased pressure for everyone, especially Jeremy Lin.

    Parsons has the ability to ease the pressure on everyone as well, Harden included.

Find Ways to Utilize Daequan Cook

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    The Houston Rockets are currently shooting 30.6 percent from three-point land. That's easily in the bottom third of the league.

    Daequan Cook gets a few minutes here and there when James Harden sits down for a breather. He is a 36.5 percent shooter from deep over the course of his career.

    In addition to backing up Harden, there could be some instances where Cook gets a look at the 3 spot instead of Delfino, which would allow him to be on the floor alongside Harden to see how effective that pairing would be.

Keep an Eye on Patterson

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    Patrick Patterson should easily have the 4 spot locked up if he plays up to his capabilities every night.

    The only thing keeping him back is himself. Sometimes he doesn't aggressively believe in himself that he is the man, which causes him to defer to teammates and take a back seat at times.

    This was the case when he was at Kentucky, hopefully it's not the case in Houston. There have been games where he shows up and puts in his easy, blue-collar double-double type of numbers. Then there are times where even the rebounding numbers leave something to be desired.

    If he will just do what he does, he'll be fine, but Greg Smith is waiting in the wings, looking to capitalize on his opportunities.

The Royce White Situation

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    At this point, you have to wonder if anything could have been changed or handled differently. Maybe, maybe not. It may not have mattered what was done.

    Royce White is now being fined for choosing to be away from the team. This situation had the potential to be dicey from the get go. You hate say that or be insensitive about things. At the outset, it looked like it may work out.

    The Houston Rockets were working out a way for White to take alternate forms of transportation to as many games as possible. It appeared that there was a mutual willingness between both parties to meet in the middle and accommodate one another.


    Guess I'm getting fined 15k again tomorrow, because Dr. PHINK can only do a phone call...and that's not a "sufficient" way to meet. #Rockets

    — Royce White (@Highway_30) November 15, 2012


    Now things seem to have soured beyond any type of repair. White can't earn the playing time he wants if he isn't around. There's just no getting around that, not possible. It's shame things have gotten to this point.

Play Terrence Jones

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    Based on all the good things we heard about Terrence Jones in camp, it's surprising that he hasn't gotten on the floor more in the regular season.

    He has a grand total of 13 minutes of time on the court. It would be different if he were on a veteran-laden team like the San Antonio Spurs or Boston Celtics, but that's not the case. This team is full of youth.

    Jones as a rookie isn't that far behind the other young guys from an experience standpoint, and he's a first-round pick.

    For comparison's sake, check out some of his draft mates:

    Anthony Davis 27.3 mpg

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 27.7 mpg

    Tyler Zeller 18.5 mpg

    The Rockets need to let the young fella play. The next game against his hometown Portland Trail Blazers would be a good place to start.