Seminoles Will Crush the Terrapins En Route to ACC Championship

ABCCorrespondent INovember 15, 2012

Lonnie Pryor trucking some Terps.
Lonnie Pryor trucking some Terps.

This Saturday, Florida State will remind the college football world that the Boss of the ACC is finally back. Long gone are the days of inferior programs— programs that embarrass the ACC on the national stage—being allowed to walk away with the ACC title.

Jimbo’s Tribe is back to ruling this conference—it will win the Atlantic on Saturday and the Conference Championship later in the season—and will then play in either the BCS National Championship Game, if a lot of upsets happen, or in the Orange Bowl.

Everyone knew it was coming. Only FSU and Miami get the type of talent to compete at that national level—and it’s finally here.

The ACC Boss is back.

But don’t the ‘Noles have to play Maryland on Saturday? Yes, but this Terrapin football team is just awful.

As is the case with most of FSU’s opponents in the ACC, virtually no one on Maryland’s team would be starting on FSU’s team. FSU is superior at every position and it’s not even close. Stephon Diggs, the injury-plagued freshman, is Maryland’s best player, but even he would struggle to get playing time at Florida State.

Last week was a scare for the Seminoles—an overachieving Virginia Tech team gave the ‘Noles a contest—but this week’s opponent is all but incapable of such a show of resistance.

The Seminoles will be attacking a fifth-string quarterback, a converted linebacker, with the nation’s finest defensive line. Maryland will most likely try to spread the defense out and rely on gimmicky plays, but it will not matter.

They are that bad, and FSU is that good.

The ‘Noles have struggled on the road this season—every FSU fan knows this—but it won’t matter on Saturday at 12 p.m.

The Terrapins are in for three hours of pain and it’s going to get ugly, offensively and defensively.

FSU wins big in this one and continues its march towards reclaiming its throne atop the ACC.