The 7 Oddest Tag Teams and Stables in WWE History

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 16, 2012

The 7 Oddest Tag Teams and Stables in WWE History

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    Clowns, superheroes, bone munchers and face lickers have made up some of WWE's most bizarre tag teams.

    As entertaining as Team Hell No has been, Kane and Daniel Bryan have nothing on WWE's strangest groups in terms of sheer weirdness.

    These odd pairings and strange gimmicks have been everything from disturbing to excellent entertainment. 

    One can judge just how peculiar a WWE tandem is based on how embarrassed you'd be if a non-fan caught you watching them. The groups on this list all rank very high in that category.

Honorable Mention

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    WWE is so steeped in the strange that a list of seven was just not big enough to contain them all. Just outside of the top seven resides a number of bizarre wrestling groups.

    The Godwinns portrayed pig farmers, an odd gimmick that led to the equally odd Hog Pen match. This isn't all that weird with a business that has time and time again gone to the farmer/hick angle as a go-to gimmick.

    Still, the outright bizarre choice of the names Phineas I. Godwinn (P.I.G.) and Henry O. Godwinn (H.O.G.) deserves a mention.

    Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi and Grandmaster Sexay made up the terribly dressed team of Too Cool. The weirdness of wiggly dance moves and parachute pants in a wrestling ring is self-explanatory.

    Parodying the NWO, the Blue World Order boasted a roster of midriff-revealing men.

    A wrestler character based on the villain from Yellow Submarine is odd. Expanding the idea to a three-man group was a puzzling decision.

7. The Bushwhackers

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    WWE transformed the Sheepherders tag team into a pair of kid-pleasing buffoons.

    Luke Williams and Butch Miller had wrestled in Memphis, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The New Zealand natives wrestled a violent, brawling style.

    Once they came to Vince McMahon's company, they were asked to be cartoonish characters.

    Luke and Butch stomped their way to the ring, their faces twisted and their arms swinging up and down in perpetual motion. The Bushwhackers, as they were now called, licked each other as well as their opponents.

    During their promos, the wobbled so much in front of the cameras that it was easy to get seasick watching them. They rarely made sense, trading volume for substance.

    Not to say that the team wasn't extremely popular among their "bushwhackeroos," but there's no denying how bizarre their antics were. 

6. Booker T and Goldust

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    Goldust is the type of character that would instantly turn any tag team he was a part of toward the odd side.

    Tight black and gold vinyl around his body, his face covered in paint, a long blonde wig flowing past his shoulders, Goldust radiated bizarreness. Pairing him with Booker T led to a series of hilarious moments.

    They remain one of the most entertainingly mismatched teams in WWE history.

    Booker T played the straight man to Goldust's banana man. While they were successful in winning the World Tag Team titles in 2002, fans will remember them more for their backstage exchanges, which were always exercises in strangeness.

    As Goldust explained, the team was "a pair of mismatched rogues." An odd pairing that was unendingly entertaining.

5. Moondogs

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    Regardless of which members of the Moondogs stable competed in a match, it always looked to the uninformed as if two homeless drifters had wandered in the ring, looking for a fight.

    The Moondogs' weirdness was their most distinctive quality.

    It was hard not to look away from the scraggly beards, the frayed jeans and the crazed men munching on animal bones. 

    Captain Lou Albano managed the bearded barbarians during their WWE run.

    Moondog Rex and Moondog King represented polar opposites to tag team champs Rick Martel and Tony Garea, who were two handsome, well-groomed gentlemen. King and Rex were wild men.

    It was the team of compelling savages that defeated Martel and Garea in March 1981 with the help of King's bone.

    Teams who strayed so far from the norm became more of a common sight eventually, but during the Moondogs' era, they were among the weirdest components of WWE.

4. Doink and Dink

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    At the height of WWE's cartoonish period in the early '90s, wrestling fans watched a short-lived team of a full-sized clown and a little-person clown.

    It was odd enough to create the over-the-top gimmick of a clown who played pranks on wrestlers, but having him team with a smaller version of himself was something out of a David Lynch movie.

    Thankfully, the weird concept didn’t last long. 

    The pair faced off against Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon at WrestleMania X and also entered a four-on-four elimination match at Survivor Series in 1994. The team expanded for that event to include Wink and Pink, two more small-sized clowns.

    The clowns faded away with a host of other ridiculous gimmicks as the brand evolved into something darker and edgier. 

3. Men on a Mission

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    Men on a Mission overwhelmed fans with weirdness.

    They wore what looked like purple and gold trash bags. Both Mabel and Mo sported short mohawks and bobbed their heads as their manager, Oscar, rapped to the crowd.

    Mabel's enormity was an odd sight in itself, but those gaudy outfits pushed M.O.M.'s level of weirdness to an extreme level.

    The team was WWE's misguided attempt to appeal to an urban demographic. The company missed wildly, blockading the team's success by being corny and out of touch.

2. Rosey and the Hurricane

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    Two wrestlers with tongue-in-cheek superhero gimmicks doubled the oddness.

    Greg Helms played the wisecracking, green-clad Hurricane. His found a partner in Rosey who he could train, making the big man a Super Hero In Training.

    They even got Stacy Keibler to join them as Super Stacy.

    Aside from the outlandish outfits, the gimmick itself stood out in a far edgier WWE product. Had Rosey and The Hurricane teamed against The Quebecers or Rhythm and Blues 10 years earlier, they would have all but blended in.

    Instead they wrestled in the era of guys like Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Goldberg.

    The goofy, bumbling so-called superheroes were just plain weird for their time.

1. The Oddities

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    No team has been more of a collection of oddities than the aptly named Oddities. The gang of outcasts did not win any titles, but Wrestling Observer Newsletter did award them Worst Tag Team in 1998.

    Their members included Luna Vachon, an intimidating woman who sported a partially shaved head, veins painted on her face and a mass of piercings dangling from her face.

    The team also featured the towering, bizarre presences of Kurrgan and Giant Silva. Kurrgan wore an array of mismatched clothes such as tie-dye and stripes together.

    They were joined by the Insane Clown Posse, clown rappers who were also avid wrestling fans. The ICP penned the stable's entrance song and often accompanied them to the ring.

    The strangest of them was all was John Tenta's gimmick.

    The man formerly known as Earthquake was fitted with a mask and given the name Golga. His shtick was that he obsessed over the Cartman character from South Park, carrying around a doll likeness of him.

    Member George "the Animal" Steele, one of the most entertainingly weird wrestling characters ever, found himself overshadowed by this parade of freaks.

    Wrestling has never seen such an explosion of weirdness.