Soccer Player Gets Dropped to the Pitch by Random Paraglider

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 15, 2012

Add random dudes falling from the sky to the dangers of playing football. 

BuzzFeed reports on a hazard you never thought any athlete would actually have to worry about. In fact, this moment is so absurd it has us thinking about the following song

Yes, somewhere in Ecuador, it was indeed raining men. 

The report states, "before a game between top-flight Ecuadorean squads LDU Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club, LDU's Claudio Quito took a paraglider to the face."

We have no idea what exactly is going down here. This could be a planned parachute parade to take place before the game that went awry or a pair of paragliders who were thrown horribly off their mark. 

It seems like they may have meant to drop in when and where they did as you can see the paraglider incite the crowd (1:16 mark), and then high-five some random guy holding a sign right after. 

If any of you have more information, please feel free to take this massive weight off my befuddled brain. 

We certainly hope Quito came away just fine from this brush with a random falling gentleman. We certainly understand why he was so irate. 

Nobody thinks that when they leave their house and get to work, they may be thrown to the ground by a paraglider. 

I guess we all should from now on though. 

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