Kendrick Perkins Invites Zach Randolph to Throw Down by the Bus

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Apparently, Kendrick Perkins tried to schedule an impromptu rendezvous with Zach Randolph by a bus after Wednesday's game. 

Perhaps I am misreading the dialogue between the two NBA bigs, because they were both tossed from the game after what I took to be a gentlemanly exchange of words. 

Seriously though, Perk and Z-Bo wanted to throw down. 

The above video doesn't have the specific audio from the two players involved, but you can hear them specifically exchange barbs in this video, courtesy of ESPN

After a made free throw, Perkins tells Randolph, "I'll meet you by the bus." One has to assume this is not to exchange memories about this Wednesday night affair between the Grizzlies and Thunder. 

Randolph, either not liking buses or having some previous grievance with Perkins, responds with, "I'll beat your (expletive)."

That's when both are sent to cool down with an early shower. The two hot heads are ejected before they come to blows right there on the court, clearly forgetting they had a tryst scheduled by the bus. 

Now I have a new favorite saying for anyone who rubs me the wrong way. Barista who takes too long with my peppermint mocha? Subway sandwich artist who messes up my cold-cut trio?

I'll meet you by the bus. 

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