Fantasy Football Keeper League Quandary: Is Now the Time to Sell?

Ryan Lester@LestersLegendsSenior Writer INovember 16, 2012

Did Big Ben's injury kill your fantasy dreams? It may be time to sell.
Did Big Ben's injury kill your fantasy dreams? It may be time to sell.Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At this point in the season you should have a feel for whether or not you are in the playoff hunt.

Not only do you have to consider your record compared to other owners that are in the hunt, but also where you stand in total points should it come to a tiebreaker.

With trade deadlines looming there are decision to be made. Are you a contender or a pretender? Can you make a run or is it time to punt?

You never want to give up if you have a chance, but you also don’t want to miss a chance to better yourself for next year.

Should you stick or should you sell?

You should put your pride aside and try to look at your team and your league objectively. Ask yourself why you are on the bubble.

Have you been dealing with injuries or do you just have a mediocre roster? Have you been in the bottom half in scoring most weeks and still managed to have a 4-6 or 5-5 record?

Eventually your luck could run out and you will either go in a tailspin or you’ll miss out on the playoffs because of the tiebreaker.

Is your team trending up or trending down? The way your team is playing presently doesn’t determine how you’re finish, but if you started hot and have been cold, that trend could continue.

So what should sellers do?

If you’re in a keeper league and you have given up hope on this year, it’s a time to look ahead to the future.

Your primary goal should be positioning yourself with the best possible keepers. That could mean trading three or four good players for one great player and some scraps, assuming you aren’t watering down your overall keepers.

The better the set of players you carry into the next season, the better off you’ll be.

What if you’re sticking it out and going for it this year?

There are a couple of options.

You can try to strengthen your team. If you have Chris Johnson, for example, as a RB3 and somebody is looking to add him as a keeper, you may be able to strengthen your starting lineup and/or add depth.

As long as you have sufficient keepers in place, trading big names may make your team better in the end.

You can also roll with what you have. Perhaps you have Jordy Nelson and Aaron Hernandez, who have been limited by injury. All of the sudden your team is back at full strength and dangerous.

Just like in the actual games, it’s the team that’s peaking at the right time that wins it.

There are decisions that have to be made. They aren’t necessarily easy decisions. Just look at things objectively and decide what’s best for your team both short-term and long-term.

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