Western Kentucky: Upset for the Ages

Matt LeeContributor IMarch 21, 2008

It was just like every kid imagines it.

Down by one, trapped beyond the arch, the thought of your team bus revving up its engine to head home. All eyes are on you. What do you do? Pass, and if it doesn't work, be criticized for not taking the shot? Or shoot, and if that doesn't work, be criticized for hogging the ball?

You decide to go with your instinct.

Then all of a sudden, the clock ticks to 0:00, the buzzer sounds, and the ball is flying through the tension-filled air.

Ty Rogers and the rest of the country, watch as the Hilltoppers last chance at a second breath seemed to disappear.

Drake University, the five seed team in the Western region, overcame a 16 point deficit to send the game into overtime. With 5.7 seconds left, Jonathan Cox drained two free throws to put the Bulldogs up by two points.

But 5.7 seconds was all that W. Kentucky needed.

It was all they needed to win the game and complete the upset over favored Drake. But it was more than that. 5.7 seconds was all it took to end a slow, day one of the NCAA Tournament. That was all it took to end a 13 year drought for the Hilltoppers without a March Madness victory.

After the 101-99 win, Ty Rogers said, "It kind of worked out good." I probably wouldn't have been able to say it much better.

If this game, and the others that followed, are any indication of what is to come in this tournament, there will be great basketball for the next few weeks.