Do These 5 Controversial Quarterbacks Deserve the Heat?

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The quarterback in the NFL has always been and always will be the most criticized member of any football team.

It's just the nature of the game. 

However, if you have ever listened to more than a few minutes of national sports-talk radio, you've most likely heard a constant stream of vitriol being directed at a number of starting quarterbacks around the NFL. Sometimes, of course, this criticism is valid. Some guys deserve all the criticism that comes their way.

Others, however, are victims of circumstance. 

What do some of the quarterbacks on this list have in common? Terrible offensive lines and coordinators who do them no favors. It's one thing to be playing poorly on your own. It's quite another to have your teammates continually letting you down. 

In the video above, Josh Zerkle and I take a look at the league's five most criticized quarterbacks and discuss whether we think the criticism levied upon them is fair.

Obviously, some of you are going to agree. Some of you are going to disagree vehemently. Let us know in the comments below what your take is.

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