WWE Survivor Series 2012: Kaitlyn Gets Her Singles Title Match on Pay-Per-View

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IINovember 15, 2012

Image courtesy of WWE.com.
Image courtesy of WWE.com.

The former NXT Rookie Diva Kaitlyn has come a long way since her debut two years ago. From nominations for the worst match of the year with Maxine in 2010, Kaitlyn now finds herself near the top of WWE’s Divas Division in 2012.

Kaitlyn’s first appearance on a pay-per-view came earlier this year at Money in the Bank where she partook in a forgettable six-Diva tag match. Several months later, Kaitlyn would win a Battle Royal on Raw to become the new No. 1 contender for Layla’s Divas title. However, her win was the result of a botch, as Eve was booked to claim the victory.

Regardless, the WWE continued to promote Kaitlyn and Layla in a singles match for the title at Night of Champions, only to pull Kaitlyn at the very last minute. During the pay-per-view, Kaitlyn was taken out backstage before her match, suffering a kayfabe torn tendon. Eve would replace her and go on to defeat Layla for the title.

To pull Kaitlyn from Night of Champions after fans had already purchased the event was a bad promotional move from the WWE, but it showed just how little both the company and the fans care about the division. Kaitlyn should have been pulled and replaced by Eve on an earlier episode of Raw.

Nevertheless, Kaitlyn would have to wait until Raw on October 8 to get her title opportunity, but lost the match via submission. Despite having fixed the mistake of the Battle Royal by giving Eve the title and Kaitlyn an eventual match, the WWE decided to continue the feud between Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn into a Triple Threat match at Hell in a Cell last month. Although Eve retained the title yet again, it was Kaitlyn who was the most impressive of the three.

In recent weeks Kaitlyn has scored a pinfall victory over Eve in a tag match and also defeated Layla to once again become the No. 1 contender. It seems that the WWE now has faith in Kaitlyn after her performance at Hell in a Cell. From being unworthy for a singles title match at Night of Champions, Kaitlyn now challenges Eve for the Divas title, one-on-one, at Survivor Series this Sunday.

It may have all begun with a botched Battle Royal, but months later Kaitlyn is finally receiving her singles pay-per-view match for the title, and this time, she truly earned it.

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