Should the NFL Suspend Players Like Tim Dobbins for Injuring Others?

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Should the NFL Suspend Players Like Tim Dobbins for Injuring Others?
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Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins, No. 52, pursues Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler during last Sunday night's game. Dobbins' hit on Cutler in the second quarter caused Cutler's concussion.

The question comes after a comment from Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins in a story from in regards to his helmet-to-helmet hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler last Sunday night.

"But it was good that he [Cutler] was out, though. I mean you always want to take the quarterback out of the game."

Not sure if there was something I missed during practice at high school, but I don't remember any coach telling me to injure someone else.

Dobbins was fined $30,000 for the hit that gave Cutler a concussion that took him out of the second half of the Texans' 13-7 win.

As of now, Cutler has yet to pass any of the required tests to be cleared to play in Monday night's game at San Francisco.

While many defensive players talk about how they want to get into the quarterback's head and rattle his poise during the game, it should never be a goal to take someone else out of the game.

When Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theismann's leg in that November 1985 Monday night game, he didn't later say "Get me a commercial because I broke his leg like a Slim Jim (imagine L.T. impersonating Macho Man Randy Savage).

No, in fact, he got straight up and yelled for medical help. Nobody wants to end someone's career.

An ideal rule would be if Player A's illegal hit causes an injury that takes Player B out for a week, maybe Player A should be suspended without pay for the same week.

The suspension should last as long as the injury, but cap it at a maximum of one season.

With some of the large salaries that many players in the league have, a $30,000 fine might be a drop in the bucket for some.

Losing an entire year's paycheck might help influence current and future players not to lead with their helmets.

Maybe comments from players like Dobbins might get league officials to start talking about a plan like the one above.

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