Speculating on the Conclusion of the John Cena and AJ Lee 'Scandal'

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

“Okay, where are they going with this?”

Tell me that wasn’t the first thing out of your mouth when Vickie Guerrero accused AJ Lee of having a relationship with John Cena.  It was for me and the funny thing is that with each passing week on WWE Raw, I find myself still asking the same question.

Only now I’m starting to get a little frustrated.

On the surface, none of this storyline seems to make any sense.  The entire angle centers around the heat between AJ and Vickie, which goes back to when Daniel Bryan’s perky ex-fiancée was the General Manager of Raw.

The truth is, while AJ‘s initial appointment as GM seemed ill advised and her tenure not exactly the stuff of legend, she was a breath of fresh air on Raw.

Smiling, skipping,  and snapping on anyone who dared question her sanity, she was a nice change of pace from the corporate stuffed-shirt character of John Laurinaitis.  But, Vickie took issue with her then, and the problems between the two escalated until AJ was forced to resign from her position.  

Which begs another legitimate question, why would Vickie now set out to destroy AJ’s character and supposedly ruin John Cena’s reputation?  She’s replaced AJ on Raw, she has was she wanted, why go to the lengths that she’s now going, to “expose” their secret relationship?

Because she’s a heel, and that’s what heels do.  Yeah, I get it.  But, it still needs to make sense, right?

On the other side of the equation sit’s the all-American good guy, John Cena, who simply cannot tell a lie.  He’s very convincing when he says that nothing is going on with AJ, and I believe that for the most part, fans are not really buying into the illusion of the angle, simply because he is the company’s top role model.

And, we’re not just talking about a friendly dinner and some innocent flirting.  We’re talking about AJ showing up at John’s hotel room late at night and being invited in for, well, that part is best left to your imagination.

Truth be told, the majority of the crowd would likely not care if the whole “scandal” ended up being true, as AJ is a very likable character and would get a huge boost by even being associated with Cena.

But the situation is consistently painted as being inappropriate and controversial, two words that do not describe the man who is the face of WWE.  He keeps denying it, so does she, and at this point one truly has to wonder what exactly is going on here.

Again, where are they going with this?

Before John was booked against CM Punk and Ryback for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, it was believed by some fans that perhaps he would be facing Dolph Ziggler.

After all, Mr. Money in the Bank keeps interjecting himself into the situation, thanks to Vickie, acting like the smug, overbearing heel that he is.  This caused friction between he and John, and it seemed that a match between them was imminent.

But that is no longer the case and while we all sit back and wait for a conclusion to this storyline, which we seem to be no closer to than before, it now falls to Bleacher Report WWE writers to come up with our best guesses.  Namely, me.

Hey, you’re reading this, right?  I might as well give it a shot.

The thrust of AJ’s character has been her mentally unhinged personality.  She is happy, energetic, full of life, a girl that anyone could have a blast being around, but accuse her of being a little wacky, somewhat unstable, and you suddenly have someone very different.

You have 5’3” of crazy.  We’re talking bat s**t crazy.

AJ’s ability to change on a dime is testament to how good she is and how much she understands her character.  And the fact that she can make both sides of her personality entertaining is a bonus for fans who enjoy watching her.

So, understanding that AJ runs so hot and cold, what if those two sides of her personality became separate?  A split personality would explain why AJ seems hazy on the details of who she’s been seeing and her feelings on Cena.  It would also explain why on the footage she seems so happy as she’s flirting with Cena but when she’s questioned she’s stressed and upset as if she’s trying to hide the truth.

But, she’s not trying to hide the truth; she just doesn’t remember.  So, the question is, who has been sending Vickie the tapes that she has been showing live on Raw?  AJ need look no further than the mirror.

It could very well be the “other” AJ, the half that has gone off the deep end, is sending the evidence in, trying to ruin the reputation of her other half, all at the behest of the man who actually let her into that hotel room when she came knocking.  And, that guy?  He digs crazy chicks.

CM Punk escaped with the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell by the skin of his teeth.  Now, he not only has Ryback to deal with, he also has John Cena, at Survivor Series.  Considering he is doing everything he can to maintain his grip on the title and considering that he and Paul Heyman will stoop to any level to ensure that happens, then he could be setting Cena up, attempting to destroy his character.

John goes into the pay-per-view without a clear head, and when AJ shows up at ringside and he is distracted, concerned for her safety, Punk gets the quick roll-up and hits the pin.

Imagine Punk and the newly heeled AJ arm in arm, standing in the ring the night after Raw, celebrating the victory and the champ’s historic one-year mark.

But, this is all just my opinion, wild speculation about a storyline that I, like many others, am just trying to make sense of.  Could any of this actually happen?  Of course.  Could I be dead wrong about all of it?  You better believe it.

I just want something interesting to happen, to keep my attention and make all of the time spent on all of the seemingly nonsensical evidence and spots to mean something, to not have been a silly waste of time.

I just want it to go somewhere.